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Dev Digest – Week of May 18th

As you wind down your week and head into a Holiday weekend here in the US, enjoy our collection of news that caught our attention this week. We’ve been following the progress of Angular 2 and in case you missed this announcement, it looks like Angular 2 will be built on Typescript. Looks like Microsoft is taking a new approach by adapting technology from GitHub to build a cross platform Visual Studio code app. This marks the first time Microsoft… Read More

Infographic: Setting the Stage for Agile Success

86%, 87%, and 73%. Some impressive percentages related to determining Agile implementation success. As Agile continues to penetrate software development processes, being successful in utilizing Agile takes determination, cultural acceptance and proper technique. Setting internal expectations and engaging customers early are two factors we at Intertech have found to be key in setting the stage for Agile success. See the Infographic below to learn more! When you’re ready to dive in or take that next step, check out Intertech’s Agile Training… Read More

Dev Digest – Week of May 11th

Happy Friday! This week we decided to focus on mobile technology. Rounded up are a few good articles related to the Android and iOS platforms. Our lineup consists of an article that shows you how to run Python on Android and also a piece on a new app that helps people with diabetes…. Read More

Assessment: PhoneGap vs Native?

Is PhoneGap Right for Your Project? It can be difficult to know if PhoneGap (or Apache Cordova) is a good option for your mobile development project. We made the following assessment in an attempt to help streamline the decision making process for developers and project managers. The primary factors we’re focusing on are device targets, style, performance, plugins, available resources, and project goals. After answering the short list of questions below, the PhoneGap vs Native assessment will give you a… Read More

Dev Digest – Week of May 4th

Spring finally seems to be here with the continued warm weather and leaves beginning to grow on the trees. Unfortunately, in Minneapolis the April showers are carrying over to May. Therefore we put together a good list of articles for you to read this week. We have an extensive Apple Watch review to give you an idea of what it’s like to own one and also a cool new way to heat a home. There are many Apple Watch reviews… Read More

One Box = 216 Nutritious Meals

6200 children die each day from malnutrition. This is a big problem. Yes, an odd way for a blog post to start for a blog that focuses on software development. But, the statistics we learned at Feed My Starving Children put software development on the back burner for an evening. Each year we select volunteer outings for our team and this year our first event was at Feed My Starving Children. If you haven’t heard of this organization, I encourage you… Read More

The Interface Segregation Principle with C# Examples

According to Wikipedia the interface segregation principle (ISP) states that no client should be forced to depend on methods it does not use.  The interface segregation principle was formulated by Robert Martin in the mid 1990s.  For the sake of this post I will use the term “server” to describe a class in an API – a business object for example.  “Client” will be used to describe the consumer of a service – it could be a user interface component for example.  The… Read More

Dev Digest – Week of April 27th

Apple Watches started appearing on a few our Developer’s wrists over the last few weeks so iWatch App discussions are in full swing here. With that in mind we decided to take an iOS angle with our article selections this week. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, there is some interesting reading here. Enjoy! Apparently developers prefer developing iOS apps over Android apps and yes, the reason is exactly what you’d think it would be. Take a look at this… Read More

New Employee Introduction

As Intertech continues to grow and hire talented new employees, we’ve started this new series that introduces our newest members to our customers, readers, friends, and partners. Why keep all this to ourselves when Ryan could soon be working with you! Introducing Ryan H. with 5 “Get To Know You” Questions Can you provide a little background on yourself? Although I spent the last 20 years in Colorado, I am a Minnesota native. After graduating from Breckenridge High School I attended Rose Hulman Institute of… Read More

Video: How We Use Agile at Intertech

At Intertech we not only train and consult on the Agile software development methodology – we use it ourselves. As a matter of fact, our business is built on Agile. From firm management to project management to customer engagement, Agile is core to our firm. Some benefits we realize on a daily basis include: Faster project timelines Risk mitigation On-budget projects Transparency This quick video gives a glimpse into some of our daily Agile routines.   To learn more about Agile… Read More