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What Good Spring Devs Know, Haskell Compared to Dark Souls, and Much More

We’re all ready for the weekend over here at Intertech. If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, check out a few of the intriguing articles we found for this week’s Dev Digest. We have an article on what good Spring Devs know and a piece about how developers stop learning. Articles and Videos: What is the one thing good Spring developers all know? Read this article to see just what that is. Learn why some developers stop progressing… Read More

Apple Watch Development Tutorial (Part 2): Countdown App

Part 2 – Building an iPhone app to set start date and update our watchOS 2 app In this Apple Watch development tutorial series we are building a watchOS 2 app with a companion iPhone app. Together these apps will allow the user to select a date that they started with our company and view how long remains until their 3 month sabbatical. Along the way we are learning about WatchKit, ClockKit, NSDate formatting and complications. In part 1 of… Read More

Node.js Tutorial (Part 2) – Step by Step Testing Node Apps

In part 1 of this Node.js tutorial we covered test tools and how to unit test your code in isolation. In this part, we will look at how to test your request routing, how to populate the database with test data, and how to set up basic end to end testing. The code for this Node.js tutorial is available in nodeTestProject on Gitlab Routing tests Verifying if the request routing works correctly is an important step when building a REST API, especially… Read More

CSS Pro Tips, Microsoft Put The Cloud In Water, and Much More

Weekend here we come! It’s Friday and that means we have another collection of content for our dev community. If you’re a CSS user, check out these useful tips that’ll make you a pro. Also see how Microsoft built the machine that put the Cloud in our oceans. Articles and Videos: CSS users: Here are 14 great tips from Matt Smith to help take your CSS skills pro. Apparently, most developers have never seen a successful project. They have “built… Read More

Apple Watch Development Tutorial (Part 1): Countdown App

Part 1 – Building our Apple Watch app In this Apple Watch developer tutorial series we are building a watchOS 2 app with a companion iPhone app. Since Intertech’s 3-month paid sabbatical program is so popular with employees (and something they literally count down the days to until it arrives) I thought it would be fun to build everyone an Apple Watch countdown app that shows them how long they have until they can experience three months of being paid… Read More

The Three Types of SSIS Transformations

There are three (3) different types of SSIS transformations available in the SSIS Toolbox for the DataFlow of our SSIS packages. For highest performance, it’s recommended to use as few semi-blocking and fully blocking SSIS transformations as possible. These transformations require SSIS to cache some or all the results before they are passed on to the destination(s). As an SSIS developer, your job is to create packages using as few blocking or semi-blocking SSIS transformations as possible. This can be… Read More

Java Plugins Are Dying, You’ll Be Able To Walk On Mars, and Much More

Want to walk on Mars? Well this week’s Dev Digest includes a unique article that explains how you will be able to within the year. Plus, we have a piece that states Oracle is finally killing off Java plugins. Read more about it below…. Read More

Node.js Tutorial (Part 1) – Step by Step Testing Node Apps

Testability is a major concern in software development. A piece of code whose functionality cannot be properly verified is hardly worth it’s storage space. Therefore, no matter what technology you’re using you will sooner or later (ideally sooner) face the question “How do I test my stuff”? I started developing with NodeJs and Express a while ago. Sure enough, pretty soon I had to figure out how to address this question. In the following Node.js tutorial I will use a… Read More

Spring Security Active Directory LDAP Example

At a recent client, I was tasked with securing their web applications using Spring Security and their internal Active Directory (AD) LDAP server. I scoured the web and went through a lot of trial and error until I finally found the configuration that worked in their environment.  Based on some of the comments and questions I found on the web, the problems that I was facing seemed to be shared by others. Here’s a Spring Security Active Directory example to show how… Read More

Cutting Down on UX Design Failure, A Very Helpful Python Video, And Much More

Friday’s here… it’s about time! This week’s Dev Digest is full of useful content including tips on how to reduce UX design failure and also a helpful video on clean architecture in Python. Articles and Videos: Cut down on user errors and learn how to prevent UX Design failure in this article written by Marc Schenker. Make sure that you understand how promises work before you start using async and await. A video suggestion for Python developers about Clean Architecture… Read More