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Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of August 25th

It seems our software development and IT favorite content from around the web this week was more reflective and philosophical, but we did manage a nice educational JavaScript find to go with the more thought-provoking articles. Enjoy and if you have any thoughts or comments, please share!… Read More

See What Apps Actual App Developers Like

As a self-diagnosed App Addict, I was curious to learn what apps populated the mobile devices of people that actually develop apps or people that train others to develop apps. Luckily, I have those people under one roof here at Intertech. So I did a little survey here at our office in Minnesota and came up with the list below…. Read More

Spring Integration Tutorial (Part 5) – Routers

Part 5 – ROUTERS In this installment of our Spring Integration tutorial, we examine routers.  Routers distribute messages to one or more message channels.  Some routers (content routers) examine the message payload or headers in order to select a particular destination message channel.  Other routers (recipient list routers) simply distribute the message to all listed message channels…. Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of August 18th

Good morning and Happy Friday! My guess is that the last article posted will generate the most discussion in this week’s round-up, but before you skip down we have a good collection of tech news and articles from around the web. A Windows 9 rumor, quality Apple Swift tutorials, Agile management, tips for using JavaScript with HTML5, and more. Enjoy some Friday reading! Microsoft might be planning to release a “technology preview” test version of its next OS under development,… Read More

Infographic: Addressing Rising Infrastructure Demands Through IT Automation

As we started to compile the data for this Infographic on Addressing Rising Infrastructure Demands Through IT Automation, the numbers were even surprising to us. Interest in our PowerShell training is on the rise and you can understand why based on the staggering demand faced by IT staffs in the coming year(s). 76% increase in Enterprise data volume and the need to handle and secure 2.8 connected devices per user – obviously, how IT staffs manage networks will evolve. The good news… Read More

Oxygen Blast – Creating Dynamic LINQ Statements with Expression Trees

Thank you to everyone that took the time to join us last week for our August Oxygen Blast seminar – Creating Dynamic LINQ Statements with Expression Trees. We had another great turnout with good discussion. As promised, below is the recording of the session. To recap, David Hoerster – a 4-time C# MVP with Resources Global Professionals – discussed how many people use LINQ regularly but don’t understand what is really going on behind the scenes. Within LINQ is a powerful concept… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of August 11th

Happy Friday everyone! I based this week’s selections off articles and stories that performed well in the social world recently. By that I mean content we shared that our friends, followers, and connections enjoyed and re-shared to their audiences. We figured if they felt good about sharing it, you might enjoy it as some Friday reading before heading off into the weekend. Enjoy! There is more to mobile web development than just HTML, Javascript and CSS A Tale of Two Cultures:… Read More

Spring Integration Tutorial (Part 4) – Transformers

Part 4 – Transformers   We continue our Spring Integration tutorial and exploration of Spring Integration (SI) message endpoints today with a look at transformers.  Transformers take a message from a channel and creates a new message containing converted payload or message structure.  This allows the provider of information and the consumer of information to communicate via SI without having to settle on a common format.  XML can be transformed to JSON, JSON transformed to Java objects, etc. Part 4 of 8 in… Read More

An Introduction to PowerShell

Introduction to PowerShell PowerShell is a scripting tool used by IT administrators who manage applications, servers, networks, users, and operating systems. It is task-based, meaning the scripts you run can accomplish many complex and repetitive administrative tasks that would otherwise be complicated, cumbersome, and time consuming to perform without it. This introduction to PowerShell walks you through the basics and helps you get started with the tool. The Basics PowerShell is an advanced command line shell, similar in many ways to… Read More

Testing Mobile Web Applications

Testing Mobile Web Applications The goal of any testing strategy is to ensure the consumers have a positive quality experience and it is no different for a mobile application. Like the Web itself, a mobile Web application is viewable by users around the world though using a simple mobile Web browser. However, when we test mobile Web applications we encounter several unique challenges. Each testing choice you consider will have pros and cons associated with it, and you will probably find that… Read More