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Node.js Module Replacements, HTTPS Adoption, and Much More

In this week’s Dev Digest, as always, we have some great content. Learn about the complications Eyal Arubas ran into when he decided to build his own module for Node.js image processing. An interesting piece on how one company went bankrupt from one failed deployment has also been included. Read more below! Articles and Videos: Learn why Eyal Arubas was dissatisfied with existing image processing Node.js modules. Follow along and see how he built his own solution as a replacement. What… Read More

VB Static Variable – An Ultra Private Local Variable

As C# and .NET have evolved over the years, I am always amused by how C# has continued to “catch up” to Visual Basic ‘s (VB) capabilities. Being that VB was created in 1991 while C# was released with .NET in 2002, VB was a little bit more mature when C# was released. For example, it wasn’t until 2005 when C# finally started supporting static classes. VB modules have always done the same thing. However, C# is wordier than VB… Read More

React Framework: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide (On-Demand Video)

As a Microsoft Partner we’re excited to be able to share some of our favorite Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) content with our customers and blog subscribers. This video, React Framework: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide, was one that was up at the top of the list. We’ve shared it with a few customers on whose projects we’ve used the React Framework and it received good feedback so we thought we’d share with you as well. What is the React Framework and… Read More

Debunking the Real JavaScript Developer, One-Pixel Images, and Much More

Enjoying the last day of the work week? We have some articles and videos to send you off on your weekend! In today’s collection, we included a video on what the “real JavaScript developer” really is. Alongside that, we found a cool chart of arguments on why some developers think web programming is unnecessarily complicated. Enjoy! Articles and Videos: Watch Brenna O’Brien debunk the myth of the “real JavaScript developer” in this half-hour talk. View the arguments of other web developers… Read More

DevOps Tutorial (Part 5): Parallel Deployment

Now that we have a consistent build pipeline from our last DevOps Tutorial, we will look at how to perform a Tomcat deployment without users experiencing any downtime.  For this tutorial I am going to walk you through using Maven to perform the build and deployment, and then later on this can be integrated into the pipeline to start down the path towards Continuous Deployment. This DevOps Tutorial assumes that you have Tomcat 7 running as described in my Lightning Tutorial… Read More

New Guaranteed to Run (GTR) Alerts on

I wanted to take a quick break from our usual developer content on the blog and introduce you to some new functionality on our main website you might find useful. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been upgrading over the last few months with a new design and some new functionality that makes interacting with us much easier. If you’re more familiar with Intertech’s consulting practice through our blog content, Intertech also has a Training division which offers Developer and IT courses all… Read More

Thoughts from The 100: Motivating Team Members

Regular readers know I believe in putting people first. When people work in teams, individuals need to know what matters from an organizational perspective. As we often say at Intertech, “There is no ‘I’ in team!” As a manager, you have a special responsibility to lead and help your team members grow – as individuals and as team members. This next series of posts will share my thoughts on this important topic, as originally noted in my new book, “The… Read More

Apollo 11’s Code, Abbreviating Variable Names, and Much More

Happy Friday! We hope everyone is enjoying their Summer so far! For this week’s Dev Digest, we collected some great content. The code that brought us to the Moon has been posted to GitHub, check it out! Also see why one developer refuses to abbreviate his variable names from now on. Articles and Videos: Check out the 1960’s code that took America to the Moon! It has now been posted to GitHub. Curious what an interview at Amazon would be… Read More

SSRS Tutorial: Multi-Row Green Bar Reports

Greetings! Today in this SSRS Tutorial, I thought I’d chat a bit about three SSRS Reporting features that may be helpful to you when creating reports. I am going to review the Switch function, creating green bar reports, and how to even do multiple colors! One popular request for large landscape reports that have a lot of columns (especially numeric columns) is to give every other row a different background color. For example, here is a screenshot of a landscape… Read More

DevOps Tutorial (Part 4): Continuous Integration

This DevOps Tutorial is Part 4 of my series on Java Project Versioning. Check out the previous articles: DevOps Tutorial (Part 1): Introduction to Project Versioning with Maven DevOps Tutorial (Part 2): Use Maven Release Plugin to Manage Versions DevOps Tutorial (Part 3): Artifact Management At this point in time I assume you have Jenkins installed and ready to use.  If this is not the case you can follow Jenkins Tutorial – Install Jenkins in order to get everything setup. For those of you… Read More