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Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of April 13th

It’s nice to have our warm weather back here in Minneapolis. Hopefully it’s here to stay! This week we collected a great assortment of articles ranging from how to fix those pesky mobile app development problems to a new programming language that involves one of our favorite TV shows. Plus, we are looking forward to next weekend’s Twin Cities Code Camp. We hope to see some of you there! We found this article very helpful in repairing some of the… Read More

Android Development Tutorial: Project Volta

This is my last post in this series of Android Development Tutorials about the new features of Android 5 – Lollipop.  In case you missed them, search this site for Android 5 or Android Lollipop and you find several posts on features such as: Material Design RecyclerView CardView Notification Changes JobScheduler You can also follow download a copy of the presentation I made at DevFest MN about the new features of Android 5. Project Volta In my last Android development tutorial on… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of April 6th

I want to toss out a welcome to our new members of our blog community. Great to have you join the discussion. This weekly round-up is comprised of news, articles, how-to’s, etc. which have been talked about around our headquarters here in Minneapolis. Enjoy and have a great weekend! How great is this!? A guide to creating Space Invaders with Swift and Sprite Kit. Well done! Some announcements and updates regarding the 2015 Visual Studio product lineups were talked about often… Read More

Easy Migration from Mercurial to Git

The popularity of Git continues to grow and, according to Eclipse Community Survey, has surpassed even SVN in the past year.  Git currently holds 33.3% of the market, SVN with 30.7%, and Mercurial at 2.1%.  It has become easy to find developers with in-depth knowledge of Git, while developers with deep knowledge of Mercurial are difficult to find.  With that in mind there are a number of development shops which are making the transition from Mercurial to Git.  In this post… Read More

Virtues of Virtual Teams – Staying Connected (Part 4 of 5)

Last time I shared the importance of leadership for virtual teams. This post will focus on when virtual teams should come together, based on our experience at Intertech and the recommendations of consultant and business author Keith Ferrazzi in his Harvard Business Review article (12/14) article, “Getting Virtual Teams Right.” Getting the whole team together – in person – when a project kicks off always is a good idea. When logistics do not allow everyone to be in the same… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of March 30th

If you want to stay focused on development, we have a nice round-up below for you to review. If you want your mind to wander a bit this Friday, check out out some of our employee stories from employees that recently had an Intertech Paid Sabbatical. Some amazing trips. Nice site and information around the Angular Material project – an implementation of Material Design in Angular.js. From the site: This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components… Read More

Paid Sabbaticals? They’re real. See Our Employee Stories

One of the first questions we get from job applicants is, “Do you really offer a 3-month paid sabbatical? What’s the catch?”. Well, there is no catch! It’s three months and you get paid to do whatever you want – one of our favorite employee perks. In the late 90’s, many companies starting touting that they were a “work-life balance company”. The noise became more PR than reality. From Intertech’s early days work-life balance was always a focus – not just… Read More

Android Development Tutorial: Job Scheduler

Project Volta is the name given to features of Android 5 aimed at improving power usage on Android devices. Volta includes better tools for monitoring battery usage.  I’ll be covering those tools in an upcoming post.  It also includes a new API for scheduling work – a job scheduler – which I cover in this Android Development Tutorial. You might ask why is a job scheduler API part of a power improvement effort?  The idea is that often times, the battery life… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of March 23rd

Happy Friday Blog Community! List articles seem to dominate the round-up this Friday which means plenty of easy, quick, digestible information. Enjoy the weekend and have a great Friday! We found a helpful list of the best Node.js tools and resources for 2015. Check them out for some tips on improving your Node.js skills. Stephen Walther shows us the most important changes in ASP.NET and MVC 6. This is his list of 10 changes you should know about. Want to use… Read More

Virtues of Virtual Teams – Agile Development (Part 3 of 5)

If you’ve been following this series on virtual teams, you know I’ve been sharing highlights from the Harvard Business Review article (12/14) article “Getting Virtual Teams Right” by consultant and business author Keith Ferrazzi. Today I’m sharing his thoughts and mine on the topic of virtual team leadership. Fostering trust is the first task of any leader, but this is especially crucial for virtual team leaders. Trust and empathy is key according to Ferrazzi and he suggests strategies like encouraging… Read More