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Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of March 23rd

Happy Friday Blog Community! List articles seem to dominate the round-up this Friday which means plenty of easy, quick, digestible information. Enjoy the weekend and have a great Friday! We found a helpful list of the best Node.js tools and resources for 2015. Check them out for some tips on improving your Node.js skills. Stephen Walther shows us the most important changes in ASP.NET and MVC 6. This is his list of 10 changes you should know about. Want to use… Read More

Virtues of Virtual Teams – Agile Development (Part 3 of 5)

If you’ve been following this series on virtual teams, you know I’ve been sharing highlights from the Harvard Business Review article (12/14) article “Getting Virtual Teams Right” by consultant and business author Keith Ferrazzi. Today I’m sharing his thoughts and mine on the topic of virtual team leadership. Fostering trust is the first task of any leader, but this is especially crucial for virtual team leaders. Trust and empathy is key according to Ferrazzi and he suggests strategies like encouraging… Read More

I’m Part of a Security Breach! Now what?

Every week it seems like we find out some new way in which we as consumers are under attack. Most of the time it’s our credit card numbers at risk yet we don’t really give it a second thought; the bank will take care of it, right? It’s time to take notice as we are starting to see what feels like a second wave of attacks occur. Attackers aren’t just going after your credit card numbers anymore – they are… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of March 16th

If you’re heading to DevFest in Minneapolis this week, please stop by and say hi. We’ll be there and we’re also speaking on new Android 5 features. Should be a great conference. In the meantime, here is some reading to get you started this Friday. InfoQ updated a survey of JavaScript Frameworks in the Real World survey they did in 2013. A lot has changed in two years. See what frameworks have risen to the top and which have dropped…. Read More

PhoneGap Tutorial: Building a Camera App with PhoneGap and Visual Studio 2015

A few years ago I spent some time exploring PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), but my interest was diverted towards mobile and single page web applications. However, the recent release of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova caught my attention. Front-end web developers can easily leverage their powers to create cross-platform, hybrid mobile applications without much spin up time. The new Visual Studio integration with Apache Cordova lowers the barrier to entry that much more for Visual Studio users. We no… Read More

Intertech Sponsoring and Speaking at DevFest 2015 – See You There!

Heading to DevFest in Minneapolis this Saturday? We hope to see you there! Intertech is excited to be a sponsor and a speaker for this year’s event. For those of you not familiar with DevFest, it is a one-day conference hosted by the Twin Cities Google Developer Group chapter. There are speakers from Google and the developer community with tracks including Android, Wearables & IoT, Chrome & Cloud, and Design & FrontEnd. Should be a great event! Intertech’s Jim White… Read More

Service Bus Explorer Namespace Management

Lately I’ve been getting questions from my team about using Service Bus Explorer to monitor and manage Azure Service Bus queuing entities. Service Bus Explorer is an awesome tool for messing with Service Bus message queues, topics and subscriptions, and it’s pretty intuitive to use too. The question I’ve been getting lately is: Why doesn’t Service Bus Explorer remember my Service Bus namespace connection strings?   My answer:  You have to configure your namespaces when you build the source. When you download the tool you get .NET… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of March 9th

Happy Friday and thanks for your continued interest in our blog! It’s in the 60s here in Minneapolis this week which is pretty rare in March. Yet, we were diligent and made sure we had some interesting content to pass on you today. Enjoy! (we’ll be going outside now) Are you developing web-based apps? Looks like it’s time to give AngularJS a try if you haven’t already. Here’s why. If you weren’t able to attend the Angular ng conf 2015, you can… Read More

Virtues of Virtual Teams – Best Practices (Part 2 of 5)

The use of virtual teams is a popular and growing workplace trend. As consultant and author Keith Ferrazzi describes in the Harvard Business Review (12/14) article “Getting Virtual Teams Right,” following best practices around four key areas greatly increases the effectiveness of virtual teams. He identifies the first key area as having the right team. What makes a great virtual team? Ferrazzi notes that all successful virtual team players share some characteristics: good communication skills, high emotional intelligence, an ability… Read More

Android Development Tutorial: Lollipop Material Design

One of the most publicized features of the Android 5 (Lollipop) release has been Material Design.  Yet, it is probably one of the hardest features to grasp for those hearing about the feature for the first time.  Google even set up a web site to try to describe and explain Material Design.  Google has called it a “design language” or “visual language” for app development.   Perhaps that term speaks to designers and marketing types.  As a developer, when I first heard these terms, I… Read More