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Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of October 13th

We’re continually impressed with the quality of developer-focused content we find posted by bloggers, companies, publications, etc. from the around the web. We often find answers to questions or come up with new ideas that help impact our projects or classes. So many great resources! Here’s a sampling to start your Friday. Very well-written article by Cecily Carver called Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code. So many truths in here for new and experienced… Read More

The Future of iPhone & iPad Programming with Swift Oxygen Blast

Thank you to those that were able to attend our Oxygen Blast webinar on the Future of iPhone and iPad Programming with Swift. We had a great turnout and good discussion around this new programming language. Jason Shapiro, one of our Senior iOS Trainers, introduced… Read More

Complete Developer Guide to iOS Version History

On occasion, our consultants and trainers will come across some interesting iOS application development scenarios where support for legacy iPhones, iPads, or iPods is necessary. This often means doing some iOS version history research on which iOS and Xcode version is needed to meet the features of the legacy devices. Thus, we put together the Complete Developer Guide to iOS Version History to help us quickly determine which versions are supported. We thought you might get some use out of it… Read More

Raising the Quality Bar with Visual Studio – Multiple Windows Auth Creds in a Load Test

If you are load testing a web site that uses Windows Authentication you will likely want to simulate multiple different users accessing the site at the same time.  Visual Studio makes it simple to add a single credential to a Web Performance Test. Click on the Set Credentials button on the toolbar above a web test, type in a user name and password and we are set. If we want to associate a list of credentials to our test we… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of October 6th

Happy Friday from the team here at Intertech! Below is our Friday round-up of interesting reading including a little humor given to us by a student in one of our classes this week. Enjoy the reading and feel free to discuss or carry on the discussion via the comments section below. A thought provoking piece on the origins of software development: The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech. Great, in-depth article by SmashingMagazine on how they improved the performance of their… Read More

Balance is Bunk (Post 1 of 3)

My curiosity was piqued when my September issue of Harvard Business Review arrived. The regular “Experience” section, which focuses on “Managing Your Professional Growth,” featured a clumsily titled article called “Work+Home+Community+Self” by Wharton Professor Stewart D. Friedman. While the title is unwieldy, the article’s concept is elegant in its simplicity. Friedman, author of the forthcoming book Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life, turns the old notion of “life balance” sideways. Rather than assuming we must… Read More

The Elusive TFS Non-Recursive Get and Why You Need It

While in TFS Source Control Explorer, have you ever gone to delete a set of development/feature branches or reorganize a section of your source tree only to find when you right-click on those folder(s) these options are disabled? Assuming you have the appropriate permissions for these items and the folder is mapped in your workspace, the issue is typically that you have never performed a “get” (retrieval) of those items to your local workspace.  A person usually figures this out, but what one mistakenly concludes (and in… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of September 29th

Fall has descended upon us here in Minneapolis. Sprinkled in with typically beautiful weather are some rainy spells – which is exactly what we had this week. On the bright side, we had plenty of time indoors for reading and research on interesting topics for this weeks developer round-up. Enjoy and Happy Friday!… Read More

Beginner Guide to Groovy

Among the many alternate Java Virtual Machine (JVM) programming languages, Groovy is quite popular. In this Beginner Guide to Groovy, we’ll teach you how to get a Groovy environment set up and give you a quick tour of its features. There are always limitations to the programming languages that we use. This becomes problematic when we need to do something that our language of choice doesn’t support, especially with a static programming language like Java. We often end up extending… Read More

Spring Integration Tutorial (Part 7) – Service Activators

  As we near the end of this eight-part tutorial series on Spring Integration (SI), the topic of this seventh installment is on service activators.  The name of this SI message endpoint aptly defines what it does.  A service activator is an SI component that triggers (or activates) a Spring-managed service object or bean.  A service activator polls a message channel looking for messages.  On the arrival of a message, it calls the processing method of  the service bean (which is typically… Read More