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Intertech delivers a full suite of mobile application development services.  With jQuery, our consultants help you:

  • Leverage jQuery mobile with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Setup and use a content delivery network (CDN) for performance improvement
  • Understand and use jQuery mobile’s architecture, roles, themes, navigation, internal/external page links, dialogs
  • Implement UI components including toolbars, fixed toolbars, headers, footers, navigation bars, persistent footers, collapsible content, accordion style, columns, inline/grouped buttons, effects, and icons
  • Use lists including visual separators, interactive rows, nested lists, split button lists, ordered interactive lists, row icons, and thumbnails
  • Implement forum components with form action, labels, field containers, text fields, auto-growing text areas, date fields, sliders, select menus, and radio buttons/checkboxes
  • Understand the framework and JavaScript including document events, global and page configuration, widgets, data utilities, page utilities, platform utilities, path utilities, and UI utilities
  • Understand and implement custom transitions, dynamic content, and create widgets and grids
  • Implement event handling for page events, widget events, orientation events, gesture events, virtual clicks events
  • Create themes including using ThemeRoller, understanding of global and swatch settings, theme exporting, and custom transitions
  • Understand and use offline access and data storage
  • Extend the framework through creating plug-ins and using 3rd party plug-ins
  • Implement package for store distribution and custom distribution
  • Troubleshoot jQuery performance issues

Intertech delivers a full suite of mobile cross platform consultingiPhone consultingAndroid Consulting, and Windows Store/Phone consulting.


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