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T-SQL Training

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SQL Server 2014

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Intertech’s T-SQL training provides practical application of the use of T-SQL guidance on the theoretical background of SQL, set theory, and predicate logic; describes the architecture of SQL Server; outlines tables; and covers the concepts of data and referential integrity.  

All courses cover covers querying tables by using the SELECT statement and depending on the T-SQL training course, attendees will have varying levels of coverage of querying multiple tables by using joins (cross, inner, and outer joins); sub-queries (queries within queries), and derived tables, views, inline table-valued functions.

Further T-SQL training from Intertech covers the set operators APPLY, UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT; pivoting (and unpivoting), and working with grouping sets; CRUD (create, read, update, delete); and data merging.

Finally, Intertech’s T-SQL training covers user connection concurrency including locks, blocking, isolation levels, transactions, and techniques to avoid deadlocks; and practical tips and methods for performance improvement of the various features offered thru T-SQL.