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C# Training

Intertech's C# training courses provide all the essential tools developers need to fully leverage C# using Visual Studio. We begin by looking at the .NET Framework, C#'s core constructs, assemblies, and the Common Language Run time (CLR). See more details below class listings.

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In our hands-on classes, students develop an understanding of C# syntax by creating C# applications, building, and deploying C# applications. C# training students learn all the core C# data types including methods for validating user input. Intertech's C# training courses cover structures, namespaces, and enumerations, along with how to specify default and starting values.

Other major topics include type casting and parsing--including implicit and explicit casting--and using nullable types. C# training students examine looping and arrays, from simple arrays to complex types, as well as coverage of methods, functions and overloading.

Intertech's advanced C# training courses cover areas like lists, stacks, queues and dictionaries. Students also learn techniques like filtering results and deferred execution.

All of Intertech's C# training courses are focused on the practical application of .NET to create enterprise applications. Contact us today!