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Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications - Training Available Now

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ASP.NET MVC represents a big change for web developers using the Microsoft platform. Our ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications training helps students understand the foundational ideas behind ASP.NET MVC 4 so they can effectively use this framework. We begin with the basics of creating a new ASP.NET MVC project, including rendering web pages and creating a simple data-entry application. We look at the MVC pattern, applying domain-driven development, loosely coupled components and getting started with automated test. Students explore working with the Razor view engine to create views, layouts and partial views. Complementary tools like the Ninject IoC, Moq and Visual Studio's test manager also are covered.

Our ASP.NET MVC 4 courses give students the chance to practice with applications.This covers the gamut from creating the Visual Studio Solution and Projects, adding references, setting up the DI container and starting the application, displaying a list of products, preparing a database, adding pagination and styling the content. As the ASP.NET MVC 4 course progresses, instructors review adding navigation controls and building the shopping cart, as well as using model binding, completing the cart, submitting orders, adding catalog management, securing the administration controller and uploading images.

Intertech's advance ASP.NET MVC 4 courses cover working with Visual Studio MVC projects, understanding/debugging MVC applications, URL routing, using static URL segments, defining custom segment variables, constraining routes and routing requests for disk files. Students learn about advanced routing features--generating outgoing URLs in views, customizing the routing system, working with areas, and URL schema best practices. They also examine controllers and actions: receiving input and producing output; using filters, creating a custom controller factory, creating a custom view engine, and creating custom helper methods. Other topics include template helper methods, URL and Ajax helper methods, model binding, model validation, bundles and display modes, web API and deploying applications. 

Intertech training offers real-world insights from Instructors Who Consult, and Consultants Who Teach. Read class descriptions by clicking on the course below.