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Learn how to set up Team Foundation Server and get started with version control, work items, continuous build and manual functional testing with Intertech's TFS training. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create a new team project with the appropriate process template, how to create a product backlog and plan a sprint, how to add a solution to source control and create a Continuous Integration build.

Our Team Foundation Server instructors explain how to access the TFS from other tools including Excel, and utilize the Web Access for those roles who don’t use Visual Studio as their daily tool. TFS governs all aspects of software development, including requirement management, project management, development, testing, deployment and quality assurance.

Developers, testers, test managers and other QA professionals charged with the overall quality of a software application also will benefit from this one-day, instructor-led Team Foundation Server course.  Students will gain knowledge and skills to effectively create and manage test cases, as well as run tests using Microsoft Test Manager and Team Foundation Server 2012.

TFS training students will be introduced to Visual Studio , Team Foundation Server, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and how and where test case management fits in. Among the many topics covered: application lifecycle management, test case management, team projects, process templates, work item types and categories, test case work item types, and queries and reports. Instructors explain how to set up the learning and testing environments and lead students in an exploration of the Fabrikam Fiber website and project. Student will understand how to run an automated build, manage the product backlog and plan work for an upcoming sprint.

Test planning is another major aspect of the Team Foundation Server course, which includes an introduction to Microsoft Test Manager and how to use it to plan a testing effort. Test Case Management in Visual Studio students will be exposed to test plans, suites and settings, environments and configurations. Among the skills they will cultivate: managing test cases, using shared steps, creating a test plan and test suites, creating and using test configurations, creating and managing test cases, creating a manual test, creating and using shared steps, using Test Scribe (optional), and using Test Case Migrator Plus (optional).

The basics of running tests is the third major component of this Team Foundation Server course. Students learn how to configure and run manual and exploratory tests from within Microsoft Test Manager, which includes: recording and playing-back tests, recording video, creating and verifying bugs, and doing exploratory testing. They also receive exposure to coded UI tests, running a manual test, associating a bug to a failing test, playing back a recorded test, recording desktop video during testing, performing exploratory testing and creating a coded UI test (optional). 

From deployment methods to day-to-day management and creating customizations you’ll feel confident in your ability expertly handle technologies in Team Foundation Server after completing our courses.