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Windows Server Training

Intertech’s Windows Server training covers all aspects of Windows Server including planning, prototyping, migrating, and deploying Windows Server.  Courses cover Active Directory (AD) including designing the directory, unit and group structure, creating federated forests and lightweight directories, and integrating Active Directory with other environments such as Unix. See more description below course listings.

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Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server training covers multiple networking services including Domain Name System (DNS), WINS, and DNSSEC; DHCP, IPv6, IPAM; and IIS (Internet Information Services).  Intertech’s Windows Server training covers various aspects of security including sever level security, securing data transmission, Network Policy Server, network access protection, and routing and remote access.

Depending on the Windows Server training course, migrating between versions is covered including migrating from one Active Directory version to another and best practices for performing compatibility testing.  Group policies are covered including policy management and maintenance practices.

PowerShell scripting to automate tasks is covered in most courses.  With the growth of mobile, Intertech’s Windows Server training courses include remote and mobile technologies, server-to-client remote and mobile access, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS).  Desktop administration is covered including administration tools for desktops and group policy management for network clients.

Advanced Windows Server training courses will have coverage of fault tolerance including file system management and fault tolerance, system-level tolerance, clustering and network load balancing.  Courses provide solid coverage of backing up the Windows Server environment and recovering from a disaster; further some courses will cover integration or use with other Microsoft products such as System Center, SharePoint, and Windows Virtualization.  Optimizing, tuning, and debugging Windows Server is covered along with debugging, capacity analysis and planning, and performance troubleshooting and optimization.

For the specifics of what each Windows Server training course covers, please select the appropriate class above.