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C++ Training

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C++ Training

Intertech’s C++ training course was one of the first instructor led training courses on C++ delivered in North America. 

The first chapter of the C++ training course covers core concepts around OO, classes and objects, references, the static keyword, the new and delete keywords, the assignment operator, the this keyword, and the role and use of a copy constructor.  The following chapters cover areas like C++ operators, operator overloading and their use as helper functions, the assignment operator, and other operators that makes the code more readable.  Templates are also covered in our C++ training course.

Templates are similar to overloading.  In the C++ training course, templates are covered where, the function acts the same for different data types with the types as themselves parameters.  Templates allow a family of related functions or classes.

In ‘C++’, re-use is achieved by class design, templates, or inheritance.  Class Design—a separation of implementation (how it’s done) from interface (how it’s accessed).  Templates -- a ‘generic’ definition of functions and classes providing a good solution when dealing with various data types.  Inheritance --a ‘C++’ built-in functionality for expressing relationships between types.  This allows one class to be a specialization of another class. 

C++ memory management, pointers, stack vs. heap, and other items are discussed and reinforced in the course with hands-on labs.

Solid class design for C++ is covered along with the “perfect” C++ class with recommendations for coding standards and guidelines for moving into the C++ language.

The C++ training course include references to additional learning resources.  Also, the C++ training course has an optional introduction to the C language and includes coverage of basic data types, looping constructs, decision constructs, precedence of operators, arrays, strings, structures, functions and pointers.