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jQuery Training

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jQuery Training

Intertech’s jQuery training covers basics such as the jQuery $ function, the Document Object Model (DOM), selecting elements, understanding the selection result, and modifying multiple elements and chaining method calls, and handling events.  Further, Intertech’s jQuery training courses also cover element selection, specifically, expanding the selection, narrowing the selection, mapping the selection, testing the selection, and navigating and manipulating the DOM.  For the DOM, there is coverage of creating elements, inserting child and descendant elements, inserting parent and ancestor elements, inserting sibling elements as well as replacing and removing elements.

In the manipulation of elements, Intertech’s jQuery training courses provide thorough coverage of attributes and properties, classes, CSS, working with element content, form elements, and associating data with elements.  Along with elements, events are covered such as handling events, performing event binding at runtime, manually invoking event handlers and using the event shorthand methods.

jQuery effects are also covered including slide, fade, and creating custom effects and creating and managing the effect queue along with enabling and disabling effect animations.

Ajax and data templates are covered in the JQuery training courses including using template variables, nested templates, conditional templates, controlling iterations over arrays, and manipulating templates from event handler functions.   In Ajax use with jQuery, shorthand methods, type-specific convenience methods, setting the request URL, making a POST request, and handling Ajax events, using global Ajax events, and setting up and filtering Ajax requests are covered.

jQuery UI is also an important part of jQuery to consider and is covered in the jQuery training courses with time spent learning obtaining a jQuery UI, using the button, progress bar, and slider widgets, using autocomplete, accordion, datepicker, dialog, and tabs widgets.

Draggable interactions and droppable interactions are also covered along with other interactions such as the sortable interaction, selectable interaction, and resizable interaction.