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Get It Right The First Time!

Lead With A-Level Full Stack Developers!

Flying gears for dramatic effect
Flying gears for dramatic effect 2

Get It Right The First Time!

Lead With A-Level Full Stack Developers!

Flying gears for dramatic effect
Flying gears for dramatic effect 2

Get It Right The First Time!

Lead With A-Level Full Stack Developers!

Over 4000 Customers Back Us Up!

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99.55% of customers answered YES!

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Well Developed Software Is A Value Proposition. Get It Right The First Time.


Intertech full-stack developers ensure success the first time. Through proficiency in backend, frontend, QA, delivery management, and Agile/ScrumMaster development, and proven experience in AWS, Azure, Angular, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, .NET, Node.js, GIT, .NET Core, React, Vue.js, and more, Intertech can lead with all options on the table.

Quality People > Scalable Resource > Better Business Solution!

We specialize in giving you control.


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Connecting All The Dots

Customized & Scalable Teams

Experienced Agile & Scrum Leadership

MomentumWorks™ Rate Advantage

Field-Based Education Division

Soft-Skills For A Winning Experience

We take the worry out of your project.

Scholarship Winners

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Our Full-Stack Consultants Ensure Success The First Time.

Back-End Development

Constructing the logic that your applications rely on to collect and disseminate your essential data more efficiently is one of our specialties. Let Intertech set you up for the data revolution in multiple disciplines, to include .NET, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, and others.

Front-End Development

How you interact with the screen is the side of development that represents you to the world. No matter the technologies required to make your system user friendly, data responsive, and employees more efficient, we are the choice.

Development Operations (DevOps)

We unite the people, processes, and products in a continuous loop of delivery, testing, and deployment. Together, we get your product up and running in a fast, organized format that adjusts to fit a changing world.
Full-Stack Consulting

Project Delivery Leadership

Intertech consultants bring more to the project than just development. Being an Intertech consultant is having the ability to lead a project, no matter the methodology, while balancing the soft skills to mentor, engage, and leave you healthier.

Release Management

Intertech consultants manage the entire process from planning and scheduling to every stage within the build process, including design, development, testing, and deployment. We keep you on track.

Quality Assurance (QA & Testing)

In addition to rigorous automated developer testing, our QA consultants focus on ensuring application quality through a range of rigorous best practices tests that deliver end products that are ready to deploy and generate results. Some of our QA consulting includes a collection of tests that set you up for success.
A Proven Scalable Partner —Creating And Improving The Software That Runs Your Business.
Find Out How Intertech Can Help You Realize Your Goals!

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NASA Trusted Us. You Should Too!

Intertech has been trusted by some of the top organizations in the world.

Live Onsite – Live Online – Your Schedule

NASA Trusted Us!

Live Onsite – Live Online – Your Schedule


Founder and CEO

Tom Salonek

Tom Salonek loves a challenge. That’s precisely why he left a stable job in corporate America to start his own IT consulting firm in 1991. He even suggested that his wife buy some takeout and a nice gift for herself on their wedding anniversary because he had to meet a client deadline that night. Tom confesses with a laugh that was not his most shining moment, but he’s a fast learner and soon realized that work-life balance should be more than a slogan to entice employees.


“My goal has always been to create a place where people matter, and our partners’ businesses improve through technology. At Intertech, we’re exceptional because of exceptional people. We get great people by getting great work and by being different in a way that matters to our customers. I’m grateful for the hard work of our people and our many loyal customers.”



Work For Intertech And You’ll Understand Why We Have 4.9 Stars!
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Intertech offers a clear opportunity for exceptional professionals who give and expect the best. Named one of the Top 30 firms in Tech by Fortune Magazine, one of the Top 10 Consulting Firms in America by Consulting Magazine, and won the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s list of “Great Places to Work” fourteen times, Intertech is worth a look.

At Intertech we offer more:


Sabbatical Program

Flexible work culture

Exceptional Teammates

Partners - We always pay on time!

Consider your future with us.

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