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SSRS Report Builder Tutorial: Creating Your First Report

Where are you going to get the data? What is the data you need? How do you want to display the data? All three of these questions are answered in this SSRS Report Builder Tutorial. I show you the basics of what you need to know to get a grid of data up on a report. As well, I cover the bones of all SSRS reports – a Data Source, a Dataset, and a Data Region. These are the three things… Read More

Building an AI, Google’s Grumpy, and Much More

This year’s first Dev Digest includes some great content! Learn about how Mark Zuckerberg creates his own Artificial Intelligence (AI). You’ll also hear about a Python runtime created by Google. Read more about them both below. Articles and Videos: Mark Zuckerberg blogs about building a simple AI, called Jarvis, to run his home. Learn how he did it! Learn about Google’s Grumpy, an experimental Python runtime for Go. Book a plane like a programmer. See how this dev wrote a script… Read More

Coding Contests: A Great Way to Hone Your Skills

There are a lot of ways to hone development skills outside of work. Local groups and meet-ups can introduce you to new ideas and build your network. Blogging and contributing to sites like Stack Overflow can push you into new areas or help you share your knowledge with others. Conferences are a great place to learn from experts. Youtube, Twitter and the blogs of others have become the go-to learning tool for many of us. I’d like to introduce you… Read More

Simple Setup of Drools KIE WorkBench and KIE Server in One WildFly Instance

The Purpose of this Post This post is an example of an easy setup of Drools KIE WorkBench and KIE Server in one WildFly server instance. Note 1: These notes use WildFly 8.2.1 for compatibility with Drools 6.4.0.  Adjust the paths accordingly for a different version. Note 2: These instructions use Windows syntax for directories but the steps are the same for Linux. Install WildFly If you don’t have WildFly installed, these instructions may help. There is no need to… Read More

Angular 4, DevOps Success, and Much More

We have a great mix of posts this week found by our developers. To start, we threw in a little news on one of the most popular development frameworks, Angular. Following that we have a few more pieces including a discussion on Functional Programmers and Object-Oriented Programmers. Articles and Videos: Angular 2 will jump to Angular 4 and will be backwards compatible with Angular 2. See what exactly is going on in this post/video. Take a look at the most important takeaways… Read More

Agile Project Planning: How to Budget When Using Agile

The holidays are approaching. For many kids, this means writing long, wish-filled letters to Santa in hopes of snagging enough toys and games to keep themselves satisfied throughout the new year. While this strategy frequently works for children with indulgent parents, it’s a poor model for devising agile project planning budgets for IT. Yet agile project budgeting is remarkably similar to kids at Christmas for many project managers. They’re asked to deliver a wish list of projects and price tags in… Read More

Front-end Fatigue, Trampolining, and Much More

We’ve put together some of our favorite articles together this week. To start off, a post from Smashing Magazine describes what “front-end fatigue” is. We also threw in a humorous piece on what you shouldn’t be doing to your programmers. Articles and Videos: What is “Front-end fatigue”? See how real it is and how it is affecting developers. Millions of GitHub profiles were leaked. Find out how to see if yours was one of them. Here’s a funny piece on “How… Read More

Protractor Testing: 10 Tips and Tricks

Protractor is a testing framework which allows you to write end-to-end (E2E) tests for AngularJS applications. Built with Selenium/WebdriverJS and using Jasmine test syntax, tests written with Protractor testing simulate user behavior and help ensure that your Angular applications remain functional when changes are made. I’ve recently completed a Protractor testing suite and thought I’d share these ten things I’ve learned. Along with the old standby console.log(), use browser.pause() and browser.sleep(5000) to gain insight on what your test is doing… Read More

JavaScript Promises, Encrypting Everything, and Much More

This week’s Dev Digest will teach you about JavaScript promises and why Open Source code can be more useful to devs who taught themselves how to code. Also learn about the major topic developers have been discussing lately. Articles and Videos: Need a little help with JavaScript promises? Get to know them a little better in this tutorial that talks about understanding, creating, consuming, chaining, and more. Open Source is very important to self-taught developers for these many reasons… Without HTTPS, you… Read More

How to Setup WildFly Server

The Purpose of this WildFly Server Tutorial This post covers a high-level quick and easy setup and installation of the WildFly server. Note: These instructions use Windows syntax for directories but the steps are the same for Linux. Installation of WildFly Download the desired WildFly version, such as 8.2.1. Extract the WildFly zip or tgz to a convenient location, such as C:\apps. The remaining instructions assume WildFly version 8.2.1. Add Users to Your WildFly Server WildFly has convenient command line… Read More