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Wrong Abstraction, Popular Java Web Frameworks, and Much More

Wrong Abstraction, Popular Java Web Frameworks, and Much More

  Hello blog followers! This week's continuation of our Dev Digest includes some good content. You'll find a piece on what to do when you have wrong abstraction. Also, you can find out how Slack works in a video with Keith Adams, Chief Architect at Slack....

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Can a Project Be Too Small for Test Automation?

  Note: Throughout this article, I refer to “test automation” or “automated testing”. This includes unit tests, but is not limited to tests that are strictly classified as unit tests. This includes all developer written automated tests, whether...

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Learn Blockchain, Full-Stack Devs, and Much More

  Prepare yourself to learn for this week's Dev Digest. In this week's episode, you will find one of the best videos on the internet for learning blockchain. Also inside you can read about the most popular words in programming and what full-stack developers are....

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Upsize Minnesota Business Builder of the Year

  Intertech is honored that Upsize Magazine chose Intertech's Founder, Tom Salonek, as the Minnesota Business Builder of the Year. We'd like to share to our blog followers the interview that describes how Intertech came to be. Here's the introduction from the...

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IoT with an ESP8266 (Part 2) – Arduino Sketch

  Programming the Huzzah The Huzzah comes from Adafruit preprogrammed with NodeMCU’s Lua interpreter. You can use this to program the device directly. Or you can do what I did: completely overwrite it, use the Arduino IDE instead, and create what is known as an...

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Great Web Design Reads, JavaScript Tips, and Much More

  Another work week is ending! That means we've collected some good content for our followers to read. Take a look below and see if there is anything that piques your interest. Let us know if there are any other topics that you'd like to hear from us in our next...

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IoT with an ESP8266 (Part 1) – The Hardware

Introduction A while back I created an IoT application that gathers environmental data using an Adafruit Huzzah. The Huzzah is a hobby electronics development board build around the ESP8266 processor from Espressif and it is capable of establishing its own Wi-Fi...

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Top 5 Software Development Estimation Errors

1. Infrastructure Costs Software development can require very little infrastructure.  Hire a few developers, give them each a computer and a list of features to build.  Voilà!  You have a software project.  As the industry has matured we realized that while this can...

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SSRS Report Builder Tutorial: Using the Chart Wizard

The Report Builder tool includes some fantastic wizard to get you up and running with a function report. Most of these wizards are not available in Microsoft’s professional report development tool, SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT, Visual Studio). In this SSRS Report...

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