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Intertech CEO to Speak at StartUp Grind Minneapolis Event

I wanted to give our blog subscribers that live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area a heads up that Intertech’s CEO and Founder, Tom Salonek, will be speaking at the local chapter of a national series called the StartUp Grind powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. A little about the StartUp Grind from their website: Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 400,000 founders in over 200 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 85 countries through… Read More

Little Known Tricks in Visual Studio, Arguments For Microservices, and Much More

To kick off the weekend, we brought together some of our favorite content we found this week. The first piece talks about the lesser known tricks in Visual Studio that even the best devs sometimes forget. We also included a presentation that talks about microservices and why you should be using them. Articles and Videos: “There’s a lot of little tricks like this in Visual Studio that even the most seasoned developers sometimes miss.” Read as Scott Hanselman lists some… Read More

Thoughts from The 100: Motivating Team Members

Regular readers know I believe in putting people first. When people work in teams, individuals need to know what matters from an organizational perspective. As we often say at Intertech, “There is no ‘I’ in team!” As a manager, you have a special responsibility to lead and help your team members grow – as individuals and as team members. This next series of posts will share my thoughts on this important topic, as originally noted in my new book, “The 100:… Read More

SSIS Tutorial: Introducing SSIS 2016 Package Parts

SSIS Tutorial: Introduction SQL Server 2016 brings a number of new features to the freely-included Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) toolset, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). When I speak with my students about SSIS, I always recommend to keep packages small and modular. This shortens maintenance time and efforts. In this SSIS Tutorial, I also discuss ways to encourage reusability of content for multiple packages. Since SSIS 2005, there have been a couple of techniques that have proved useful to keep things modular and… Read More

Malware Named “ProjectSauron”, How Link Shorteners Work, and Much More

It’s Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend? If you need some weekend reading, take a look at what we’ve collected this week. The first article we found talks about malware that was able to hide for 5 entire years! We also have a piece on how one line of code could leave you vulnerable in the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Articles and Videos: Learn about “ProjectSauron”, an advanced malware that was able to hide for 5 years. They say it was… Read More

The Current State of IoT Security

About the author: Doug Laing is the Senior IT Security Consultant at UnitedHealth Group. With plenty of years in IT under his belt, Doug has a wealth of experience in working with uniquely designed networks and devices. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, I can’t help but be concerned about how we maintain IoT security as it emerges.  I think IoT has a great many things to offer, but the potential for abuse may be outpacing the benefits. The… Read More

Recap: 2016 Intertech Free Learning Summit and 25th Anniversary

We had a great turnout at our 25th Anniversary celebration and learning event. Such great attendance that we had to usher in additional chairs to the presentation room! Many thanks to all of our customers, friends, family, and employees for coming out to our 2016 Learning Summit. We hope everyone got the most out of our learning sessions and enjoyed the appetizers and drinks. Throughout the event we were glad to see both new and old faces. Take a look at some of the… Read More

Hiding Static Methods

Recently, I had a quick chat with a colleague on static methods in parent and sub-classes with the same signature. The source of the conversation was the terms “hiding” vs. “overriding”, and why “hiding static methods” is correct and works but “overriding static methods” is incorrect and does not work. TL;DR “You can’t override static methods”, because the JVM executes static methods on the declared reference class, not the defined runtime/instance class. A simple example shows a few different static method execution contexts,… Read More

Thoughts from The 100: Using Key Result Areas to Drive Performance

Last time I shared thoughts about how to keep employees motivated. (My thoughts on this important topic also are described in my new book, “The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership.”) Providing clear feedback is another important aspect for achieving motivational magic. It’s also important to set expectations from day one and to give frequent informal feedback in between formal reviews. A good talent management system looks forward, provides clear and objective performance standards and encourages team members to state… Read More

Serverless Architecture, CSS Writing Mode, and Much More

Friday’s Dev Digest is back with more great content! Here we have a comprehensive article on the ups and downs of serverless architecture. Another piece includes a video on leveraging C# code across multiple mobile platforms using Xamarin. Check them out below! Articles and Videos: What are the benefits and drawbacks of serverless architecture? Find out in this extensive analysis by Mike Roberts. “In this session you will learn about the technology that Xamarin offers and how it works to enable developers to… Read More