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JavaScript Promises, Encrypting Everything, and Much More

This week’s Dev Digest will teach you about JavaScript promises and why Open Source code can be more useful to devs who taught themselves how to code. Also learn about the major topic developers have been discussing lately. Articles and Videos: Need a little help with JavaScript promises? Get to know them a little better in this tutorial that talks about understanding, creating, consuming, chaining, and more. Open Source is very important to self-taught developers for these many reasons… Without HTTPS, you… Read More

How to Setup WildFly Server

The Purpose of this WildFly Server Tutorial This post covers a high-level quick and easy setup and installation of the WildFly server. Note: These instructions use Windows syntax for directories but the steps are the same for Linux. Installation of WildFly Download the desired WildFly version, such as 8.2.1. Extract the WildFly zip or tgz to a convenient location, such as C:\apps. The remaining instructions assume WildFly version 8.2.1. Add Users to Your WildFly Server WildFly has convenient command line… Read More

The Secret to Good Code Documentation

Every developer has heard the words “Make sure you document your code.”  What does this mean?  How much documentation is enough?  Most code I have encountered falls onto either end of too much / not enough spectrum of code documentation.  It is very difficult to document the “correct” amount. To assist resolving this problem, management often sets up rules as to what must be documented.  Rules like “Each method must have javadoc”, or “Every module must have an UML class… Read More

New Features in C# 7.0, Testing Frontend Code, and Much More

Up in Minnesota, we’re all preparing for our first snowfall. Drive safe fellow Minnesotans! In the Dev Digest for this week, our devs have found some good reading. One piece gives a little insight into testing frontend code, since it is still confusing for many of us. After that is a blog article that talks about one developer’s experience writing code that he is now ashamed of. Read on! Articles and Videos: Mads Torgersen discusses the new features in C#… Read More

Building a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Application (Part 4) – Logging w/ MetroLog

I just rolled off a client recently that needed to build a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application as part of their hardware and software solution.  For those who aren’t yet familiar with UWP, you can check out this article by Tyler Whitney. As many of you developers out there are aware, sometimes you have to build or bring with you a number of application infrastructure items before you can even get started with the core application logic.  For example, you… Read More

Delivering High Performance using Employee Engagement [Video]

Our 2016 Learning Summit featured three sessions around IoT data technology, agile methodologies, and employee engagement. We’ll roll out all three sessions via this blog over the coming months. Intertech CEO, Tom Salonek, concluded the Summit with a talk on delivering high performance using employee engagement which focused on increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and outperforming your competitive set. He talked about practical, actionable ways to increase employee engagement from building trust with co-workers to methods for feeling valued. Along with these insights… Read More

What H.264 is, Contribute to GitHub, and Much More

Hello blog followers! Welcome back to another installment of our Dev Digest. This week, we’ve included a unique article describing what H.264 is and how it is involved in our everyday lives. The next piece of content includes a tutorial on how to properly contribute to a project on GitHub. Articles and Videos: H.264 – What it is and why it is such a remarkable piece of technology. Been wanting to add to project on GitHub? Utilize this simple GitHub tutorial… Read More

Intertech’s Ryan Harvey to Present at Next TCIDEV Event

We wanted to let our blog subscribers who live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area know that Intertech’s Ryan Harvey will be presenting at the next Twin Cities iPhone Developer Meetup (TCIDev). TCIDev is a group for Twin Cities mobile developers who meet and discuss hot technology and trends in iOS. Join the group! This Meet-up of the group will also be hosted at Intertech’s headquarters (details below). Description of Ryan’s Talk Last year, several developers at Intertech got together to build… Read More

Thoughts from The 100: How Smart Strategy Can Move your Business Ahead (Part 2)

Last time I shared how values are a key part of any company’s competitive strategy. This series of posts is inspired by my new book, “The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership.” Today I’ll delve deeper into the role of values as a strategic tool for building a strong team and giving your company a competitive advantage in the process. After your company has clearly identified the values that set it apart from competitors, you should begin articulating your values… Read More

UX Myths, YouTube Rebuilt, and Much More

The end of the week is finally here. That means the Dev Digest is here too. In this episode, you’ll find a website that lists some common misconceptions of User Experience. Paired with that, we have some news on YouTube that web developers might want to hear. Read on! Articles and Videos: What are some of the most common misconceptions of UX? Here is a list of 34 of them. Do you agree or disagree? “I was left wondering are… Read More