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2018 Design and Code Review Checklist

Download our consulting team’s 2018 design and code review checklist

Agile Design Principles Guide

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How To Work with an IT Consulting Firm

Learn how to make the most out of an engagement with an IT consulting firm.

Using Goals for Getting the Life You Want

I think of life goals as essential roadmaps for reaching destinations that most matter to me. If you’ve read my book, The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership, you’ll recall that I dedicate a section at the start on defining life goals. Why include information...

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Newly Updated: Design & Code Review Checklist

One of our most popular pieces of content over the past few years, the Design & Code Review Checklist has gotten an update for the new 2018 version. Use this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to direct your software development process and make sure you’re not...

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The Uber hack, saying no, Angular 5, and more…

Welcome back to another installment of the Intertech Dev Digest. This week’s articles include the security flaw behind Uber’s recent hack, advice on telling a client “we can’t do that,” and making sure you’re really doing agile right, not just high-frequency...

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How to Write a Winning IT Resume

So, you have a few years of experience in IT and are updating your resume for new opportunities? Here are a few thoughts that might help... Think Like a Hiring Manager The most important thing that will separate your resume from the other 95% and make the hiring...

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War Stories, Collaborative Coding, and More…

In this week’s dev digest, we’ll read some stories from the debugging trenches, as developers give their best tips for finding and fixing problems. To the debugging battlefront! This Week’s Top Reads Dave Agans’ website is all about debugging, and he shares war...

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Auto-Fix Tools, Programmer Laziness, and More…

When code doesn’t get regularly updated, it’s vulnerable to attack with serious consequences. The major data breach at Equifax is just one example. One of this week’s articles dives into auto-fix tools that promise to help with code updates. This Week’s Interesting...

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