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Quantum Computing, Release Fatigue, and More…

Quantum Computing, Release Fatigue, and More…

We’re back again with this week’s most interesting links in technology, software, and web. This week’s links will help you improve your skills, learn something new, and hear new opinions relevant to software development. Let’s dive in. Learn Something New For the...

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The Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2018

The Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2018

The world of software and web development changes rapidly. It seems like every month there’s a new hot language, library, or framework to learn. As a developer, you might find it confusing to decide what to focus on learning next. What new languages do you need? What...

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2018’s Top Java Tools and Tips

2018 promises to be a big year for Java. Every year, the language continues to grow and evolve. These changes make Java easier to use, scale better, and function smoother. This continuous improvement has made Java the most popular programming language worldwide.  ...

The Best Leaders are Great Teachers

If you’re a leader, you’re also a teacher – whether you realize it or not. A recent Harvard Business Review article, “The Best Leaders are Great Teachers” by Sydney Finkelstein (Jan/Feb 2018) made me think more about this important role leaders share. For many of us,...

Amazon Go, Intel’s Bad Luck, and Much More…

This week’s dev digest is coming to you full of great tutorials and tips for writing great code in 2018. But first, let’s look at this week’s news, including Amazon Go’s launch and Intel’s continuing Meltdown/Spectre problems. Top News from This Week After a bad patch...

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