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10 Advantages of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) for Maximizing Development Skills

by | Jan 16, 2018

ILT – The industry uses this initialism for Instructor-Led Training. As an instructor myself, I love helping others understand the best ways to utilize the latest technologies to create practical software solutions at their organizations. ILT is one of the many tools we developers can use to continue growing/maintaining our skillsets. Besides ILT, there is CBT (Computer-Based Training), product documentation, books, articles, and blogs – even audio books if doesn’t include too much code!

Each of these learning methodologies bring along their own advantages and disadvantages. I am writing this article to remind developers of some advantages that come with ILT. (Hopefully, with us here at Intertech! 😊) I aimed to keep this list simple to share my points without belaboring them. We’re all busy.


Instructor-Led (ILT) Training Advantages

Some of the points below apply to all ILT while others are marked “Intertech ILT” to highlight what you get with Intertech’s ILT.


1. Ask questions and get immediate answers

One of the biggest advantages of using instructor-led training is it offers the ability to ask questions about what is covered in the lecture, lab, or demonstration. Students are usually encouraged to ask questions. The instructor and fellow students can offer answers based on their valuable experiences. As an Intertech instructor, I remind students that if I don’t have an answer to a question and none of the other students can help, I’ll look it up and share the answer with everyone.  Also, I ask the Intertech consulting team if they have any suggestions. Intertech consultants are always engaged in the latest technologies and I often chat with them to learn and share their field knowledge and experiences.


2. Learn the entire course

When I have taken a virtual course or read a book on a topic, I typically will not go through all the materials. Instead, I jump to certain points that I thought were important at the time and skip the rest. Taking an ILT course enforces the learning pattern of covering all the materials including the gaps between the different building blocks of the technology area. By understanding all the parts of a technology, it can easily be embraced and utilized much quicker.


3. Learn in an Intertech classroom, virtually from home/work, or have us onsite (Intertech ILT)

Intertech offers students various ways to participate in ILT such as here in our classrooms in Eagan, MN. You can also take our classes virtually from home or at the office – anywhere you have a computer and a strong Internet connection. Intertech instructors also deliver training onsite at customer locations. Sometimes it’s necessary for the students to still be able to address production problems if they occur during training. Onsite training also saves on employee travel costs and time away from home.


4. Ask for additional related training on a chapter’s topic (Intertech ILT)

I always ask my students on the first day of class if they are looking for something specific related to the course topics. If a student wants to learn about more about a topic that is lightly covered in one of the chapters, I first consider if it’s doable, valuable to other students, and how much time it will take to present. If all is reasonable, I will take extra time to put together a sample or perhaps even some more slides and a link to an article showing how the task can be accomplished.


5. Retake the class for free (Intertech ILT)

Our classes typically cover a lot of information that can be a lot for a student to absorb in one week (or less) of training. We welcome our past students to retake (audit) our classes up to one year after taking the training so long as we are still delivering the course, the student still has their book, and there is room in the class.


6. Perform lab exercises in a working VM for six (6) months (Intertech ILT)

At Intertech, students will perform their labs in virtual machines (VMs) that are accessed via a modern web browser. This ensures a consistent learning environment for both classroom and virtual students without the hassle of installing software. As well, the VMs are available to all students from anywhere with Internet access for six (6) months from the first day of class.


7. Network with your fellow students

I am always impressed when I see students networking with each other. They share some of the problems they’ve overcome and the solutions they implemented. They often share contact information and business cards. The classroom evolves into a team learning experience. Sometimes I’ve even seen developers between jobs networking with team members from larger companies that are looking for new employees.


8. Get away from work to focus on learning

Many times students comment on how it is great to not be pestered by coworkers while trying to learn a new technology. As well, when taking at class at Intertech, students typically work with full versions of the developer tools on platforms that are safe to experiment on while not screwing up their development environment back at work.


9. Learning fuel: aka free food (Intertech ILT)

Continental breakfast, snacks, coffee, fresh afternoon cookies, and free lunch on the final day.


10. Consider our seasonal specials and group discounts. (Intertech ILT)

These are usually shown on our website. Alternately, you can chat online with one of training associates and they can share our current deals.


Keep Growing Your Skills!

Ongoing education is a critical part of becoming a great developer. Even the most knowledgeable devs keep learning everyday to keep up to date with the latest technologies, languages, libraries, and frameworks. While books, videos, and online courses can be useful, instructor-led training offers unique opportunities for asking questions, learning about the newest developments in the field, meeting other professionals, and getting guidance tailored to your needs.

Check out our Intertech training programs today to get started learning from great instructors!

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