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10 Reasons to Become a Consultant

by | Oct 31, 2017

Great consultants have fire in their bellies. No, I’m not referring to indigestion. The “fire” I’m talking about is metaphorical and refers to a burning desire to excel, work on challenging assignments, provide measureable value to clients and, most importantly, to keep growing and developing professionally.

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Do you have what it takes be a great consultant? I’ve run a successful IT consulting and training company since 1991. During that time, my company has grown considerably but the core attributes of successful consulting employees have remained fairly constant. Here are the top reasons Intertech consultants love what they do. If you recognize yourself (and you work in the IT field of course!), consider talking with one of our recruiters.

  1. Variety. For most consultants, the ability to move between different organizations and see the way different companies operate is invaluable. This work setting variety teaches best practices that you can take from one organization to your next assignment.
  2. Leading Edge. IT consulting organizations tend to be “out in front” with technology, which keeps a consultant’s skill set current and more valuable in a highly competitive marketplace.
  3. Top-Tier Assignments. When organizations are facing particularly challenging assignments they often rely on consultants to supplement in-house staff. So if you love solving interesting problems, consulting could be right up your alley!
  4. Creativity. Our consultants frequently comment that they enjoy creating new products to meet specific client needs.
  5. Paying it Forward. Part of a consultant’s role can be mentoring and teaching new technologies to clients’ in-house staff. People who enjoy teamwork and “paying it forward” excel as consultants.
  6. Continuous Learning. Because consultants are expected to bring leading edge skills to each engagement, continuous learning is a no brainer. If you’re content to coast on what you learned even a few years ago, consulting probably is not for you.
  7. Do Overs. Consulting provides unique opportunities to hone skills and do things better at your next engagement.
  8. Generous Remuneration. Most IT consultants who work for organizations, like Intertech, receive overtime pay when they work overtime for paying clients. Consultants also tend to earn a higher base salary and receive above-average benefits.
  9. No B.S. I haven’t met a single consultant that did not love the disconnect from typical company politics! Consultants are engaged to get work done — period.
  10. Work-Life Balance. At least at Intertech, consultants enjoy a highly flexible work environment that affords healthy work-life balance with special perks like a three-month sabbatical. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons our people tell us they love it here!

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