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Angular 6 Highlights

by | May 4, 2018

Angular 6 is out now (as of 5/3/2018) so it’s time to give a quick list of highlights on the changes in the new version.  The complexity of your upgrade will depend on the version of Angular you are currently at with your application.  Thankfully, the Angular team has a site to help you tick off the things to do to prepare for and do the upgrade.  So cutting straight to the chase, let’s get to the highlights.


Angular 6 Highlights

  • Smaller modules with Webpack 4 support
  • Smaller bundles using Bazel and Closure Compiler
  • RxJS 6 support – see v5.x to v6 upgrade guide
    • Tooling support to auto-update your TypeScript code with correct v6 syntax
    • Get rid of deprecated functions before they are gone in v7
    • Convert to pipe syntax
  • Angular CLI upgrades
    • ng update – Update project to the latest version of Angular (updating your package.json, etc.)
    • ng add – Applies schematics-based transforms to your project
      • In other words, you can easily add things like Angular Material to your new or existing project
    • Support for libraries – easily create libraries for packaging using the CLI (had to do this by hand before)
      • THANK. YOU.
  • Versioning alignment
    • Angular 6 will now be the same version as Angular Material and Angular CLI, no more confusion
  • TypeScript 2.6.x support
  • Angular Material is adding components
  • Ivy Renderer is not in the initial Angular 6 release but should be available in an upcoming minor release
    • This promises to speed up the rendering in an Angular application

I’m looking forward to this new release of Angular 6 and all it offers for us Angular developers.

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