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Case Study: How Intertech Built a Searchable Repository for a Major Healthcare Company

by | Jan 22, 2018

From time to time, we like to share case studies of what we’ve been working on here at Intertech. It gives insight into the type of work we do, what you can expect if you work with Intertech to solve your software needs, and what it’s like to work as a consultant for Intertech on challenging projects.

With the new year, we’re presenting a new case study in the healthcare industry. Over the course of the project, Intertech implemented a comprehensive solution to viewing medical images across worldwide offices for a medical device manufacturer. What started as a minimum viable product with limited scope turned into a multi-year relationship adding features and functionality to make the software an integral part of the client’s research and development process.


Getting Started with the Client

In this case, the client had already explored some existing options for medical image viewing software. After a few months working with pre-built tools, the client decided that out of the box medical image viewers were not robust or flexible enough to meet the needs of a complex, global medical device manufacturing company with various subsidiary companies. They approached Intertech looking for a custom-developed solution that could launch company-wide.

As we learned more about the client’s needs, we realized there was a huge value gap that a custom-designed software solution could readily solve. The client had conducted many clinical trials as part of the approval process for medical devices that they had developed previously. However, the images from these previous trials weren’t indexed or readily accessible company-wide as resources for future research and development. Our Intertech consultants understood the opportunity and value such a system could bring to the client. We developed a solution that consolidates all the assets into a central repository that business units across the company could access and leverage for future products.


Developing a Solution

We built our solution using Java, Angular, Elasticsearch, and medical record viewer integrations. In collaboration with the client, we used an agile development framework on a sprint to create the minimum viable product, adding necessary features and fixes with subsequent development sprints. Our solution allows users to search, filter, and browse previous clinical trial assets using the metadata associated with each image. As a result, it’s easier than ever to find relevant assets when researching,  planning, and designing new products.

The client is now working on migrating the assets and training their global offices on use of the new system. Once fully implemented, the ability to quickly access past assets will prove transformative for the client’s efficiency and effectiveness in future device development and new clinical trials.


More About Our Solutions

To learn more about Intertech’s solution for this medical device manufacturer, check out our recently-released case study. To hear about other solutions we’ve implemented for past clients in wide-ranging industries, dive into our past case studies.

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