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Congratulations to the 2018 Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Winner

by | May 15, 2018

2018 Intertech Scholarship WinnerWe know it’s spring at the Intertech Foundation because this is when we select our new STEM scholarship winner. And, as in past years, the Foundation was flooded with applications from hundreds of impressive young students from across the country! We spend countless hours reviewing these applications and reading the students’ essays and letters of recommendation. One young woman emerged as the most outstanding in a very competitive field: Kristina Kaarid, a high school senior who lives in Maryland.

Kristina wrote that she has known she wanted to go into the computer field since middle school. She excelled in a lesson on the coding application Scratch and since then “has explored many different paths of computer science, from website development and video game development to 3D and 2D animation and digital art.”

Not only did her academic record absolutely blow us away (her GPA is 4.57 and most of her courses were at the AP level), she is a well-rounded young person with musical talent, leadership skills, and very promising STEM aptitude. She also impressed us with her emotional intelligence, demonstrating concern for others by assisting struggling classmates and helping kids to learn computer animation.

Kristina’s mathematics teacher, Charles Grover, wrote, “Few students showed as much effort as she did. I have no doubt that Kristina will continue to be successful in her future coursework because she is willing to work so hard and she has the aptitude to achieve at a very high level.”

Willingness to work hard – and to keep learning – is critical to success in computer science and technology fields because things are continually changing. We’re confident Kristina is the type of person who will thrive in this environment.

Her accomplishments include membership in the National Honor Society, as well as other subject-specific honor societies. She has worked as a computer animation class teaching assistant at a local community college, as well participated in numerous extracurricular and volunteer activities. An accomplished singer and pianist, Kristina overcame her natural shyness to win first place in a local talent contest. Way to go!

Kristina will begin college in the fall and is excited about expanding her knowledge and developing personally and professionally. We wish her well in her studies and future career. We also hope she achieves her goal of designing educational software “targeted for young girls to make math fun and show them they can do it and, hopefully, inspire the next generation of STEM-minded females.”

We’re inspired by you Kristina Kaarid!

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