Design and Code Review Checklist – Infographic

I was reading a satirical article today about “why all code is bad…” and it rang true to me.  The premise of the article is that new code starts out clean and beautiful but evil forces such as schedule pressures, too many cooks in the kitchen, and making decisions without understanding every detail of where your code is going leads to bad code.  Since every software project I have ever worked on has been subjected to these evil forces (read reality) I have compiled a list of things I look for when doing a design or code review.  I use this list to try to improve the quality and maintainability of code, or perhaps in the words of Peter Welch to make the code under review “less bad”.  Following is an infographic based on the design and code review checklist I published some years ago.  The infographic is not complete, you may find the unedited version, many items with C# examples, here.



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