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React Components, Simplify Your Code, and Even More

by | Aug 25, 2017

Topics of this week’s Dev Digest include React components, a $1.2 million grant, simple code, and much more.

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Learn Something New

React users – learn about components in this article from James K Nelson, editor of React Armory.

Ever heard of “Girls Who Code”? Well Uber just gave them a $1.2 million grant! Always nice to see investments into closing the gender gap in tech.

Here’s a bit of an older one from Eric Elliot. He gives us a rule that all developers should follow: Simplify your code.

I’ve really taken to ES2017’s async and await keywords for simplifying promise handling.” – David Walsh

A Tip From Our Devs

Rich F. brings us this week’s Dev Tip for our MVC 5 users. Learn to select multiple items using Select2.

Have a Laugh

How long a meeting actually takes as a developer.

Enjoy the Weekend!

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