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Voice Assistant Battle, A Socially Aware Robot, and Even More

by | Sep 1, 2017

The focus of this week’s Dev Digest: Tech. Watch and read about the most current tech and see what the tech industry is up to these days.

Learn Something New

One of our favorite tech reviewers over here, Marques Brownlee, put out a great video comparing voice assistants – Siri vs Google Assistant vs Bixby Voice vs Amazon Alexa.

SanDisk is about to come out with a record-breaking microSD card. Android users, this will be perfect for those of you that have an extra memory expansion slot.

“While the task of getting from A to B has been largely solved due to innovations such as GPS and indoor mapping, doing so in a socially acceptable manner to humans adds an additional layer of complexity. Recognizing this challenge, a research team at MIT decided to try their hand at developing a robot that would be up to the task.”

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are both going to change the way we turn data into visualizations. See how in this article from Forbes Tech.

A Tip From Our Devs

Since we’re focused on tech, we figured we’d throw out a tech-related Dev Tip. If you using or going to use a virtual development environment, give these tips a quick look. They could come in handy!

Have a Laugh

How I fit my dev rig into the local Starbucks…

Image of an HP computer with an Apple sticker on it

Credit to reddit user Julian2000nl

Enjoy the Weekend!

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