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Lessons from Working Remote, 450 Words Per Minute Coding, and Even More

by | Sep 8, 2017

Your regular dose of weekly articles is ready! Check out what we have in store for this week’s diverse list of Dev Digest content.

Learn Something New

Learn something from a front-end dev that worked remotely for 6 straight months. Here are some lessons he learned along the way…

Need to make a little extra cash? If you’re any good at finding vulnerabilities, give Samsung’s software a look. If you find something wrong, you could end up with $200,000 in your pocket!

Find out how Facebook is able to achieve rapid release at massive scale using a “push-from-master” strategy.

This developer can code at 450 words per minute… See how he does it!

A Tip From Our Devs

This tip is for those that are planning on attending Microsoft’s Ignite conference this year. Here, you’ll find tips on how to use the session catalog and scheduler.

Have a Laugh

Comic of what famous people would be like as programmers.

Enjoy the Weekend!

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