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XML Vulnerabilities, the New Atom-IDE, and Even More

by | Sep 15, 2017

Four good articles, a Dev Tip, and something to hopefully make you laugh – all wrapped up in this week’s Dev Digest. Where do you find your favorite content? Some sources we use are Twitter and Reddit. Let us know what you use!

Learn Something New

In this post, a developer explores the vulnerabilities of XML and some tips on how to prevent these security flaws.

Read into this blog post and learn how to use ES modules natively in Node.js.

This business analyst collected data from 40 databases and found that most packaged ERP/CRM applications don’t have foreign keys. Read more about the research!

GitHub and Facebook have joined together to release Atom-IDE, repackaging some of the work Facebook has done to create a more functional Atom text editor.”

A Tip From Our Devs

If you found the article on SQL Server interesting, you may find our Dev Tip this week interesting as well! Learn how to create your first SSRS report with this tutorial.

Have a Laugh

Comic about Qualcomm suing Apple

Enjoy the Weekend!

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