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The Uber hack, saying no, Angular 5, and more…

by | Nov 30, 2017

Welcome back to another installment of the Intertech Dev Digest. This week’s articles include the security flaw behind Uber’s recent hack, advice on telling a client “we can’t do that,” and making sure you’re really doing agile right, not just high-frequency waterfall. Let’s dive in…

This Week’s Links

  • Many clients are non-technical, and they think that adding a feature or changing a user interface is a simple task. When you run up against a scenario where the client doesn’t understand why you can’t implement a change, consider sharing this article with them.
  • In a new post from the Signal v. Noise blog, Ryan Singer gives an indictment of firms that think they’re doing agile when they’re really running in circles.
  • A new TechCrunch article tackles the trend toward intent-based programming, a new way of approaching how you code so that little errors don’t start to pile up in your code over time.
  • Ever wished you could pick up new programming languages faster? Look no farther than this Quora answer that was recently reposted on Forbes for tips to improve your acquisition of new languages.
  • The most recent GitHub usage data is out and TechNotification has put together an analysis of the Top 10 Languages Used by Developers in 2017.
  • The Uber hack was made possible because attackers gained access to Uber’s GitHub and were able to use the information to exploit 57 million users’ data. The lesson, according to this Bloomberg article, is to be careful what you place in code repositories like GitHub and SourceForge.
  • Only a few months after Angular 4 was released, Angular 5 is already upon us. This JaxEnter article looks at what to be excited for in the new release.

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Top Tips from Intertech

  • First of all, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. From everyone here at Intertech, we want to thank you for reading the Dev Digest and being such a great community.
  • This week, Dustin Rothwell is back with part two in his guide to becoming a full stack developer. Be sure to check out part one if you missed it.
  • Our very own Mark Cherne has put together a great article about what technology recruiters look for in a resume and how to make yours stand out.


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