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Amazon Go, Intel’s Bad Luck, and Much More…

by | Jan 25, 2018

This week’s dev digest is coming to you full of great tutorials and tips for writing great code in 2018. But first, let’s look at this week’s news, including Amazon Go’s launch and Intel’s continuing Meltdown/Spectre problems.

Top News from This Week

  • After a bad patch that caused some computers to crash, Microsoft finally has an AMD patch that works for Meltdown/Spectre – not so lucky yet for Intel
  • Amazon launched its retail store that doesn’t have checkout counters this week. Amazon Go is proving highly accurate at telling what shoppers have taken off the shelves.
  • A new story from The Hill examines the rising cost of hiring a software developer. While that’s great for developers’ salaries, it’s a challenge for smaller companies and nonprofits that need to hire a technical team member.

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