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Hacking the Winter Olympics, 100 Flights Delayed, and Much More…

by | Feb 7, 2018

Coming to you with another fresh dev digest this week that includes airplanes, unreported crimes, and advice to kill features.

WIRED and the New York Times have published interesting articles about development. Of course, we’ve also got links to the top in-depth guides, resources, and tips to level up as a developer.

Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines had trouble this week with their computer system. The issues caused delays for over over 100 Alaska Airlines flights on Saturday. The culprit? A single router in Portland.
  • On an unrelated note, Alaska Airlines is going to be showing code.org’s introductory computer science videos as part of the available passenger entertainment. Bill Gates is hosting a “How Computers Work” video that will be available on board.

Cyber Crime

  • WIRED is reporting that the 2018 winter olympics are already under attack from global hackers. It’s unclear what these groups are after as of yet.
  • A New York Times report dives deep on cyber crime. By all measures it’s a major problem. Even more frightening, however, is most cyber crimes go unreported. We don’t have accurate data about the scale of cyber crime in the US.
  • In cases where there’s a legal argument for seizing digital documents or evidence, it’s not clear how jurisdiction works. If a U.S. company holds data on a U.S. citizen, but the server is located in another country, the waters get murky for legal precedent.

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