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Quantum Computing, Release Fatigue, and More…

by | Feb 22, 2018

We’re back again with this week’s most interesting links in technology, software, and web. This week’s links will help you improve your skills, learn something new, and hear new opinions relevant to software development. Let’s dive in.

Learn Something New

  • For the modern developer, getting better at your vocation isn’t as simple as reading books or practicing writing code anymore. As software gets more complex, you’ll need the ability to learn deeply, write for many platforms, and produce well-designed code.
  • Often, devs include extra code that serves as a defense mechanism. While testing and exception handling are important, don’t gum up your code with overly-defensive programming.
  • A psychologist takes a look at how to debug any problem.
  • What you learn when you reduce an app from 30 MB to 2 MB.
  • If you’re a Java developer, avoid these bad habits.
  • Wired’s article on the differences between quantum and classical computers (as well as an update on where quantum computing stands) is well worth a read.

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