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SpaceX’s Software, Email Overwhelm, and More…

by | Mar 1, 2018

This week has a lot of great resources for becoming a better coder, especially for Java developers. But more importantly, we’ve got a lot of links that help with being more productive at work and becoming a better leader. Of course, we also have this week’s best dev-related news and guides from our own Intertech experts as well. Let’s get into it…

Software News

Getting Better at Java

Other Dev Tips

Sick of All the Emails?

Professional Development for Developers

  • Can software development be a craft like motorcycle maintenance or woodworking? This new TechCrunch op-ed argues yes.
  • DHH, CTO at Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails, has started a new YouTube and essay series called “On Writing Software Well.” He explores the Basecamp code base for interesting coding lessons – definitely worth a watch for any developer.
  • Here’s a helpful article from Simple Programmer on how to avoid common management mistakes when you’re leading a development team.

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