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NASA Relearns FORTRAN, Microsoft’s Insider Labs, and More…

by | May 3, 2018

The best links from around the web for developers, delivered every Friday. In this week’s dev digest we’ve got news from NASA, a bizarre case of domain name seizure, and a survey about what’s wrong with Java. All that and more below. Let’s get into it.

Top Stories

  • NASA recently dusted off its FORTRAN skills and resurrected data about Jupiter’s moons from a mission that launched in 1986
  • After 24 years of battles, the French government recently seized France.com. The man who owned it all this time is suing the French government and the case gets into the messy world of domain registration and international web hosting.
  • Ubuntu is getting a facelift. Find out what’s in its new release.

Developer’s Corner

  • Java challenge – JavaWorld is starting a series of challenges to make you a better advanced Java developer. The first challenge? Method overloading the JVM
  • Last week we shared some of the results from DZone’s interview of executives from 14 companies that use Java. DZone released more findings this week. This time, they asked about the problems with Java.
  • IoT gets more compelling and prevalent every year, so does AI. Channel 9 recently got a tour of Microsoft’s AI/IoT Insider Labs.
  • Dropbox’s developer blog has a new interesting post on host monitoring for MacOS using open source tools
  • Serverless is growing. Here’s one developer’s take on why it’s such a growing trend.

Professional Development

Tips from Intertech

  • In a special guest post, Steve Schmidt gives his frank review of Tom Salonek’s book, The 100
  • Tim Star shares his principles of good software design in a new post and explains how software design solves problems down the road

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