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Russian Router Hack, Thinking Like a CEO, and More…

by | May 31, 2018

Hot off the presses, this week’s Dev Digest includes all the links you need to stay up to date with news, changes, and emerging technologies in programming and development. This week we have links to top stories, a massive 50-page free guide, and advice on how to think better and stand out from the crowd. Let’s get into it.

Top Stories

  • Ars Technica resurfaced an old three-part series about Windows vs. Mac and what happened to Microsoft
  • Researchers at Cisco recently discovered that around 500k routers worldwide have been infected with malware
  • The FBI seized a Russian domain associated with the router attack where the malware looks for updates, and now a reboot will render the malware useless
  • A new report from the National Transportation Safety Board finds that Uber’s sensors worked but the software failed massively in the fatal Arizona crash
  • With the Senate voting to block new FCC rules net neutrality is front of mind, but tech companies are mostly working behind the scenes

Developer Corner

Tips from Intertech

  • Angular components go through a lifecycle. Mark Root explains how to leverage that cycle in his latest Angular tutorial post.

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