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Jail Time for Tech Execs, 100-hour Workweeks, & More…

by | Nov 13, 2018

Back at it with this week’s dev digest, serving up the web’s best links about software. This week’s top stories are varied and fascinating, from throwing tech execs in jail to hacking voting machines. We’ve also got great, in-depth examples in the dev guides section, and we talk about trust and leadership in the professional advice section. Let’s get right to it…

Top Stories

  • A proposed privacy law could level heavy fines and even send tech execs to jail for misusing or losing customer data
  • A Wired reporter bought used voting machines on eBay and hacked into them. What he learned about election cybersecurity is troubling
  • Rumors have floated about Rockstar Games developers’ 100-hour weeks prior to the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s not clear they’re true

Dev Guides

  • Curious about using Microsoft Azure with IoT devices? Watch this video to get up to speed
  • Etsy changed the system they use to update their docs – now their main docs pages are immutable
  • Where does Stack Overflow go from here? There are tons of answered questions now, but how could the platform become even more useful to developers?
  • Dropbox handles millions of simultaneous connections transferring terabits of data. This post outlines Edge, their network of points of presence and how they work to get you your files

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