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Enigma Machine, Container Security, & More…

by | Feb 7, 2019

Happy February, and welcome back to the Dev Digest. As we do every week, we’ve put together a list of this week’s top links about coding, technology, and management. Enjoy!



  • Alan Turing’s Enigma-cracking machine is considered the first real computer. Scott Hanselman visited the original machine and then replicated its computing power with Raspberry Pis.
  • Next, Joi Ito’s new featured article in WIRED explores the moral implications of supposedly “fair” and “technical” algorithms powering all kinds of applications.
  • Facebook is 15 years old, and over that time it has changed social interaction online. It has also fundamentally changed computing.
  • Lately, the Google Chrome team is working on killing the URL. But first, they’re targeting malicious sites that are only a few characters different from legitimate websites.



  • Unfortunately, cybersecurity has a bit of a “dark arts” reputation. However it doesn’t need to, and that culture might be undermining the cybersecurity industry.
  • Recently, Vue.js turned five years old, and it has grown rapidly to fill the need for a simple, portable front end framework when Angular or React might be overkill. Now, the new Vue version 2.6 expands on that mission with lots of new improvements and features.
  • This year, containers have grown rapidly in popularity. However, container security best practices are just now catching up.
  • HackerRank’s yearly developer skills report is out! Developers want to learn Go the most and more developers know JavaScript than Java.



  • If you’re prototyping and experimenting, then perfect is the enemy of good. Signal vs. Noise’s new blog is about finding the right tolerance for imperfection based on the phase of your project.
  • Both volunteering and hosting events in your local community can create real business value if done right.


Tips from Intertech

  • Something Angular developers should know how to do properly is unsubscribing from RxJS Observable subscriptions. Best practice on when and how to do it is the subject of Rich Franzmeier’s recent post on our blog.
  • Test-Driven Development is a popular paradigm for creating simple software with clear design conditions. We cover the essentials in our new guide to TDD


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