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Blockchain Registries, Breakout Speed, & More…

by | Feb 21, 2019

Welcome back. In this week’s dev digest we have links ranging from Russian hackers to setting up your own colocated servers and owning a piece of the cloud. 


Top Stories

  • Breakout speed” – Russian hackers are the fastest at going from discovering a vulnerability to full system control
  • This is a good overview of what’s changing in the Java ecosystem with the new 6-month release cycle


Dev Tips


Professional Advice

  • Being a great developer is not just about writing good code – that’s only part of the job
  • This tour of David Walsh’s home office may seem like just good fun, but if you dig deeper you might learn some lessons about productivity and the importance of environment for good work


Tips from Intertech

  • Rich Franzmeier’s entire NgRx tutorial series is now available for free on our blog and includes a free downloadable checklist as well
  • Find out how we helped an international payments processor with highly scalable mobile development deployed on Microsoft Azure in our most recent case study


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