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IBM Backdoors, Ignoring 99%, & More

by | Feb 28, 2019

The pace of change in development is so rapid, it can be difficult to keep up. With news of security vulnerabilities, new emerging technologies, and the challenges of navigating the modern workplace, no wonder being a dev can feel overwhelming.

The weekly dev digest has you covered. Here are this week’s top links to keep you up to date on the world of software development.


Top Stories

  • A newly discovered backdoor leaves IBM’s premium servers vulnerable to takeovers
  • “Data is the new oil” is a misleading metaphor; there are practical differences to how companies use and trade data in the new digital economy


Dev Tips

  • Using Git for continuous integration and delivery puts the code first and automates deployment using a tool developers already know
  • “My strategy for dealing with the absurd pace of change in web development has been as follows: ignore 99% of it and see if it goes away” – Jason Goldstein
  • Service workers provide a rich offline experience to users, but when to use which caching strategy for your service worker?
  • Webpack and Babel are amazing, essential tools for JavaScript developers, but they can sometimes be a challenge to wrangle; here’s one developer’s lessons learned
  • Java developers are well-served by rich tools that make their job more efficient; here are the top ten you should know


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