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Hi-tech Hamburgers, Decentralized Chat, & More…

by | Mar 28, 2019

Welcome to the first dev digest of Spring! As things begin to thaw, we’re once again bringing you the best resources to grow as a developer and a professional. This week, we look at examples from Spotify and Netflix, learn about high-tech hamburgers, and get a lesson in cultivating focus. Let’s dive in.

Top Stories

  • McDonalds recently spent $300 million to acquire a machine learning startup – what happens when fast food goes high tech?
  • New ransomware, LockerGoga, is hitting industrial firms hard – crippling manufacturing equipment in the midst of production

Dev Corner

Professional Advice

  • Want to be respected as a leader? Stop acting like a leader and be one of the team
  • Being able to recover from setbacks and overcome challenges is something all professionals need – check out this research on resilience for ideas on how to cultivate it

Tips from Intertech

  • Focus and deep work is critical in software development. Tom Salonek’s new series explores why and how to train your brain to focus

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