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Predicting March Madness, JavaScript Mobile Apps, & More…

by | Apr 4, 2019

Happy April, and welcome to yet another edition of the dev digest. This week, we look at the way software is used to predict March Madness, the most asked-about languages on GitHub, and the top trending GitHub repos. All that and more of the best links on the web this week, here for your reading pleasure.

Top Stories

  • Are you one of the 47 million Americans with bets placed on March Madness? You might be interested in Machine Learning Madness and the AI models competing to predict the tournament with the most accuracy
  • Software used by airlines across the country failed this week, leading to delays in hundreds of flights

Dev Corner

Professional Advice

  • Poor team alignment impacts the outcome of a project, and good project managers are more important now than ever
  • In a new podcast, get a behind-the-scenes look at Basecamp security practices and what they’re planning beyond simple password-based authentication and permissions

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