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Imposter Syndrome, Windows 95 Performance, & More…

by | Apr 18, 2019

From everyone at Intertech, we hope you’re enjoying spring so far. We’re certainly happy that the Minnesota winter is starting to thaw, here!

As we do every week, we’ve compiled the best links on software development. Let’s get right to all the videos, articles, and news stories in this week’s dev digest!

Top Stories

Dev Corner

Professional Advice

      • Failure is a necessary part of the road to success – as a manager, tolerate and even encourage failure
      • Agile isn’t all about speed. It’s about knowing what part of the project you’re in and working on clear goals in cycles
      • As developers, we often feel like we’ll never know enough and everyone is better at this than us. Imposter syndrome is real, and David Walsh explains how you can conquer it
      • If you’re an introvert, it can be overwhelming to get asked to lunch, coffee, and happy hours — here’s how an HR expert suggests you can create the space you need

Tips from Intertech

      • If you’re starting a new job or contract, check out Chad Towle’s guide to making the most of your first week on the job

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