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Secure 5G, Cheaper ML, & More…

by | Dec 18, 2019

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Top Stories

  • From frontend to DevOps, here are the top trends to look out for in software in 2020
  • 5G is getting a lot of hype at the moment – it’s designed to be more secure than 4G, and it is, except when it isn’t…
  • Python is on its way to becoming the top programming language in the world, according to research from TIOBE

Dev Corner

  • With all the stories about data breaches and security weaknesses, it can be tough to decide how much security is enough for your application
  • Mozilla and the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation are investing $400k in improving pip, Python’s package manager
  • Making machine learning practical and accessible to more companies is now coming down to a cost issue – how do we make it cheaper to deploy ML products?
  • Git is an essential tool for developers – might as well spend some time becoming a git superuser with these advanced tips

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