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Fast-Growing Midwest, CDNs at Spotify, & More…

by | Apr 2, 2020

This week, we’re intentionally avoiding news about coronavirus. We’re sure you’ve read enough elsewhere, and we want the Dev Digest to be a relaxing resource, not one that produces anxiety. For this reason, we invite you to enjoy this week’s collection of the best articles, stories, and videos on software development.

Top Stories

Developer Corner

  • Ever wonder how the CDNs at Spotify work? Here’s a complete rundown on how they quickly deliver music to end-users
  • After you meet business criteria with your system, simplify. Make it easy to understand, and easy to change.
  • Modern JavaScript uses a lot of callbacks and promises asynchronously – this short post explains the foundations of how they work

Professional Advice

Tips from Intertech

  • When it comes to parsing, monitoring, and analyzing that data in real-time, increasingly companies are turning to custom-developed big data software. Among the leading languages for writing that software is Scala. Learn what Scala is, why companies choose it, and what it means for future data applications


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