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Socially Distant Video Games, Clever APIs, & More…

by | Apr 9, 2020

Everything looks a bit different as of late and the Dev Digest is no exception. You’ll notice that this week’s collection of the best articles, stories, and videos on software development is a more condensed version of our normal Dev Digest. We know our readers are getting bombarded with more information than ever. Our goal is to provide you the same valuable information we always have but in a lighter format, one that is sensitive to our new normal. Please enjoy!


Top Stories

  • Social distance conscious video games? It’s a thing. Britain is getting creative with in-game advertising in video games to encourage younger audiences to stay home and stay safe. While not new, the practice of using video games to promote public health messaging has been taken to a new level in light of COVID-19


Developer’s Corner


Professional Tips


Tips From Intertech

  • Struggling to find ways to successfully manage your remote work team? Here at Intertech, we’ve been working with remote teams for years. We dusted off a blog post that one of our development teams put together about helpful collaboration tools to help ease team communication efforts. While the blog post is from 2015, we still use these many of these tools today, in addition to others, to help ensure our teams are staying on track and on target


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