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Git Turns 15, Debugging Attitudes, & More…

by | Apr 14, 2020

The dev digest is back again this week with all the best articles, stories, and videos on software development. Stay on top of the news, latest trends in development, and leadership insights when you subscribe to the dev digest!

Top Stories

  • Git, the cornerstone of how software is developed today by distributed teams and open source developers around the world, turns 15 this month. Celebrate by checking out this podcast, a discussion between three experts about Git’s roots, its present context and why its future isn’t necessarily certain

Developer Corner

Professional Advice

  • How can you help your team better navigate the challenges they are facing? Here are some things you can do as a manager to build your team’s resilience
  • Networking is a valuable tool for advancing your career as a developer. But how do you keep networking when face-to-face interactions out of the question? Networking remotely can be surprisingly easy if you know the right steps

Tips from Intertech

  • With more people than ever relying on websites, applications, and software to connect, companies need to have a clear understanding of why their web tools and applications should be compatible with assistive technologies used by people with impairments. In our latest Executive Brief, we dive into this topic, discussing the reasons why accessibility is important along with compliance standards, WCAG guidelines, ARIA guidelines, and validation and screen reader tools


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