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JavaScript Style, Linux Tracing, and Much More

by | Jun 9, 2017

What’s in Episode 98? Only the best content for our Dev Digest followers, that’s what! Below, you’ll find a video on Linux 4.x tracing tools, a how-to on connecting Power BI to your VS Team Services account, and more.

Articles and Videos:

  • This developer claims he can change your view of Linux tracing in 15 minutes. Watch his video and see if he’s right!
  • “Next time you find yourself Googling some cool new technology to (re)build your architecture around, I urge you to stop and follow UNPHAT instead.”
  • Here’s a nice tip on how to connect Power BI to your Visual Studio Team Services account.
  • Those of you who use JavaScript should follow these guidelines:
    1. Make the function the unit of composition. One job for each function.
    2. Omit needless code.
    3. Use active voice.
    4. Read the rest here!

Intertech Dev Tip of the Week: Think your project is too small for automating tests? Think again. This Dev Tip will provide an example and reasoning to why the answer is not what you think.


Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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