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2017’s Top Passwords, Power User Gifts, and Much More

by | Dec 21, 2017

Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating! Welcome to the holiday edition of the dev digest. This week’s articles feature new updates, gift guides, tutorials, and insights about software, computers, and the web.

This Week’s Top Links

  • Gizmodo recently published a list of the 25 most popular passwords from data leaks in 2017. Of course “password” and “123456” are among the top entries, but so is “starwars.”
  • Collaboration between designers and developers is notoriously tenuous. Sebastian Lindemann shares great insights and direct quotes from a recent retrospective between designers and developers.
  • A helpful barebones guide to managed container clusters using AKS and Kubernetes on Azure Cloud came out on Scott Hanselman’s blog this week.
  • The federal government paid its biggest bug bounty recently to a group of Air Force hackers who found a vulnerability in the DoD’s unclassified network.
  • Last week, we saw a gift guide for techies. This week, I’m including Ars Technica’s gift giving guide for power users, complete with awesome hardware options.
  • David Walsh shared a honest and vulnerable review of his past year as a developer at Mozilla. In it, he talks about feeling listless, burnt out, and imposter syndrome while working in software, and how he hopes to tackle next year.
  • Microsoft snuck an OpenSSH client and server into the new Windows 10 release. It’s not fully implemented or functional, but it’s exciting to see Windows adopting OpenSSH.

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