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This Jenkins Tutorial shows you how to get Jenkins up and running as easily as possible. No prior knowledge is expected, and instead of giving instructions such as “create a user”, I will list exactly how to type each command.

The server which I am using for this Jenkins Tutorial is named “quartz”.  Anywhere you see this name, you will need to change it to match your hostname.

This tutorial assumes you have Tomcat 7 up and running from the “Lightning Tutorial – Install Tomcat 7

You could also install Jenkins as a standalone component, but since I usually have Tomcat installed on my development server to host other tools, this tutorial will use the war installation method.

Download the Jenkins war from http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org/war/1.610/jenkins.war

The Jenkins war is larger than Tomcat’s default war file size limit, so we need to change this parameter.

$ sudo nano /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/manager/WEB-INF/web.xml # this opens the web.xml file for the manager application for editing

Find the following block and replace 52428800 (52 MB) with 104857600 (100 MB)

Press ctrl+O to save the file, and then ctrl+X to exit nano.

Scroll to the “WAR file to deploy” and click the “Choose File” button.  Select the jenkins.war file you downloaded and click the “Deploy” button.

Jenkins Tutorial

Jenkins is now ready at http://quartz:8080/jenkins/

I hope this Jenkins Tutorial made the installation process easy. Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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