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Thank you to everyone that took the time to join us last week for our August Oxygen Blast seminar – Creating Dynamic LINQ Statements with Expression Trees. We had another great turnout with good discussion. As promised, below is the recording of the session.

To recap, David Hoerster – a 4-time C# MVP with Resources Global Professionals – discussed how many people use LINQ regularly but don’t understand what is really going on behind the scenes. Within LINQ is a powerful concept called Expression Trees and understanding how these work can help you to create smarter and more flexible code. He took a look at Expression Trees basics, at a helpful class called PredicateBuilder that lets you build more dynamic LINQ statements, and also how you can use Expression Trees to make your LINQ statements extremely flexible based upon user input. David can be found on his blog or at @DavidHoerster on Twitter.

For future Oxygen Blast webinars, check out our Free Learning page.

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