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While teaching my iOS class, there is one question that inevitably comes up: “How are you able to stay on top of all of the changes that are made to the iOS SDK?!”

Here is my “due diligence” checklist for each release:

  1. Read the “What’s New in iOS” document from Apple.  Not only does this document list new features (and API deprecations) for the latest iOS release, it includes a historical archive of release information, starting with iOS 5.  If you have never visited this document, I suggest starting with iOS 7 to see if there are any new APIs that you might have missed hearing about:
  2. Watch the WWDC “What’s New in…” lectures.  As these lectures are written and delivered while the SDK is in beta, it’s not uncommon for some of the specifics to be changed by the time it is released to the public.  Nevertheless, this is a great way to get a high level overview of the latest SDK.
  3. Read the “API diff” documents.  I skim these documents for frameworks that I am currently using.  Each name listed is a link to an API reference file, which declares specific method/property level deprecations:

Of course, if you’re new to iOS development, I encourage you to check out the iOS training courses we offer at Intertech!  For those of you who are needing to develop/maintain Objective-C based applications, but are feeling a bit lost with iOS 9 (due to the current emphasis of Swift in blogs and books)… you’re in luck!  I am in the middle of updating our iOS 9 course for Objective-C.  In fact, we’ll be offering a “first run” of the course, in January at a discounted rate!  Check out the course page and contact us for more information.



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