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When Training, Have It Your Way

by | Feb 11, 2019

Continuous learning is critical in most professions, and particularly in technology. New technologies and frequent updates make learning a vital job requirement for IT professionals. Yet despite its importance, many software developers and other IT professionals struggle to make time for training.

The urgent press of daily demands makes it tough to get away from the pull of work, particularly when training sessions are generic with many learners coming from different industries or skill levels. In these situations, it can feel like time wasted when instructors focus on topics or questions that have little relevance to your company and work situation.

We get it! That’s why Intertech offers dedicated, customized training for teams.  There are many reasons to choose private training, but here are the top three reasons clients tell us why they love it. Before we jump to those reason, here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect from private training with Intertech.

The Benefits of Private IT Training

Relevance:  With training dedicated to your team, we work with you to adapt the curriculum and materials to fit your unique projects, issues and challenges. So, training is very productive because it lines up with the different parts of the technology being used at your company.  You can choose to spend as much, or as little, time as you feel is appropriate on various topics.

Attention: Your team receives focused attention in personalized training that isn’t always possible in public training sessions. Your people can ask very specific questions, without worrying about revealing anything proprietary. And best of all, your Intertech instructor gives you undivided attention before, during and after your training session when people are taking breaks or checking their email.

Team Building: Nothing beats learning for bringing a team together. As team members learn and grow together, camaraderie and mutual trust increases. A bonus is the connection you make with your Intertech trainer, a highly skilled IT professional, who you can contact in the future with questions.

Value: When using dedicated training for a team, your savings per student can be as much as 50% (versus sending students separately to public classes).

We deliver the training where it works best for your team:

Your Site: On-site training is super convenient for your team: no need to drive somewhere new or look for parking.  And, because it’s at your facility, you have access in off-hours and can check in on work during breaks.

Intertech:  Of course, if you prefer a training environment with no distractions from the daily press of business, Intertech also offers private training at our state-of-the-art training facility in a suburb of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  With a staff dedicated to your experience and a wide-array of amenities, students have compared the care and treatment at Intertech to that of a luxury hotel.

Distributed:  If your team is at multiple locations or some team members work remotely, we have world-class training infrastructure for lecture and interactive class discussions.  For labs, we use cloud-based student lab environments where the instructor can “look over your shoulder” even though you maybe thousands of miles away.

No matter how you choose to train your team, insist on having it delivered in the way that works best for you!

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