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Cocoa Consulting

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Intertech consultants can help you with Cocoa including help you:

  • Use solid object oriented analysis, design, and programming in the Cocoa and Objective-C environment from best-practices in architecture to coding guidelines
  • Understand Cocoa objects, classes, methods, and messages and overall architecture
  • Use Objective-C and understand the Objective-C ecosystem including types, constants, initializers, base constructs, NSObject, NSArray, NSMutableArray, NSString, NSControl, NSButton, NSSlider, NSTextField, NSArrayController, NSUndoManager, NSInvocation, NSDocumentController, NSDocument, NSWindowController, NSKeyedArchiver, NSKeyedUnarchiver, NSManagedObjectModel
  • Create memory solid memory management applications using auto-releasing objects, retain count rules, and strong and weak references
  • Use and understand helper objects and delegates
  • Implement NSCoder and NSCoding and use encoding and decoding
  • Leverage the NSWindowController, NSPanel, and NSBundle
  • Understand user defaults including NSDictionary, NSMutableDictionary, and NSUserDefaults including type precedence, defaults, register defaults, and user set defaults
  • Use notifications and implement NSNotification and NSNotificationCenter,  register an observer, handle notifications, and use alert panels
  • Handle globalization and localization using NIB files and string tables
  • Create custom views including create an instance of a view class, NSBezierPath and NSScrollView, NSFont, NSAttributeSTring, and NSFontManager
  • Implement drag-and-drop
  • Implement printing and handle margins, pagination, and what you see is what you get view vs. printing
  • Connect to web services to leverage existing back-end systems
  • Understand the NSManagedObject Classes as it relates to core data relationships
  • Implement concurrency including NSOperationQueue, multithreaded scattered, and thread synchronization
  • Use field proven best practices for application distribution including build configurations, using the preprocessor macros to target test, and production environments
  • Identify and fix performance issues in Cocoa

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