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Drools Consulting

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Intertech’s expert Drools consulting team help you:

  • Deploy and configure the Drools Server on JBoss, create commands with XStream marshallers, use the SOAP interface with soapUI, and leverage jBPM5 for managing business processes
  • Declare facts in XML and add logging to view rules execution
  • Use the KnowledgeRuntimeLogger options including best practices for timer-based rules, calendar-based rules, and monitoring real time execution
  • Leverage Marshalling knowledge sessions, use marshalling strategies, use peristence to store knowledge, understand how to discard duplicated facts, and create a custom classloader in a knowledge agent
  • Create and validate quality rules with the Drools verifier
  • Use JMX to monitor knowledge
  • Use Guvnor for centralized knowledge management including creating the model definition with the model editor, importing model definitions, creating data enumerations, organizing knowledge with working sets, creating rules templates, creating knowledge snapshots, and backing up knowledge
  • Configure MySQL as the repository for rules
  • Obtain resources using the REST API
  • Process complex events, declare facts as events, understand entry points, and create event stream processing
  • Execute Drools remotely including using the REST interface to execute commands
  • Integrate Drools with Spring, configure JPA to persist knowledge with Spring, and use Drools with Apache Camel
  • Execute Drools commands from a JMS queue
  • Optimize automated planning
  • Create reports
  • Troubleshoot performance issues with Drools

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