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HTML5 Mobile Consulting

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Intertech delivers expert HTML5 mobile consulting.  Our experts help you:

  • Create a strategy for targeting mobile devices and determine target platforms and browsers
  • Install, configure, and train on your mobile development tool environment including emulator
  • Use a pattern, like Model View Controller, for a common platform solution
  • Understand the mobile iOS/Safari, Android/Chrome, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and other platform URL schemes and browser differences
  • Manage CSS3 including transforms and gradients
  • Create a responsive design and implement RDFa, Microdata, Microformats
  • Address issues like user agent detection and making buttons with instant response
  • Create a mobile sitemap
  • Implement Google Analytics and define benchmarks and targets for areas like bounce and click-thru-rates
  • Handle cross-browser geolocation and displaying location in realtime
  • Play streaming audio, video, and implement offline caching
  • Design a web storage portability strategy and implementation
  • Outline best practices for mobile debugging including remote debugging with Opera Dragonfly and remote JavaScript debugging with JS console
  • Implement server-side services and tuning to leverage existing systems and optimize performance
  • Implement speed improvements from expirations to compressing files using utilities like Gzip
  • Understand and leverage emerging mobile web features including using ECMAScript 5 methods, new HTML5 input types, inline SVG in text/HTML, and SVG in HTML

Intertech delivers a full suite of mobile cross platform consultingiPhone consultingAndroid Consulting, and Windows Store/Phone consulting.


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