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JSF Consulting

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Intertech delivers expert Java Server Faces (JSF) consulting.  Our expert consultants can help you leverage JSF in your application development.  Our team can help you:

  • Architect and design a system using the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Understand and use Managed Beans and optimizing the Managed Bean lifecycle
  • Correctly implement the JSF Expression Language and use Property Access, Complex Access, and Map Access Expressions
  • Build intuitive, rich user interfaces
  • Understand and use the JSF Component Model and Core Library
  • Correctly implement the JSF Event and Listener Model
  • Guide your JSF implementation using best practices
  • Determine where to use JSF UI Components and Validation
  • Leverage JSTL with JSF
  • Determine where and how to use Facelets
  • Localize your application with l18N
  • Build custom UI components
  • Install, configure, and optimize Tomahawk
  • Troubleshoot your JSF implementation
  • Optimize JSF performance



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