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Maven Consulting

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Intertech delivers expert consulting services on Maven, Hudson, Nexus, JUnit, and other Java Power Tools.  For Maven consulting, Intertech's experts can help you:

  • Install and configure Maven with field proven best practices
  • Create a re-usable template for Maven projects
  • Understand test-scoped and J2EE dependencies
  • Use and configure the Jetty Plugin
  • Understand and use the Project Object Model (POM) using best practices as well as optimize and refactor the POM
  • Leverage the Build Lifecycle and Build Profile
  • Design and write custom plugins
  • Install and use Maven and Eclipse with the M2eclipse plugin
  • Use best practices in Maven Assemblies
  • Write and deploy Maven Project Sites
  • Integrate and configure Maven to use Nexus repositories
  • Troubleshoot Maven performance issues

For more information, view Intertech's complete Java Power Tools automated build and deploy offering.


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